Beijing next year to promote new energy vehicles funds 1.7 billion

    By 2015, the Beijing government has to implement to promote air pollution control funds 16.96 billion yuan. Municipal Finance Bureau on the 29th revealed that, as of now, have been allocated municipal electric minibus year demonstration grant funds 450 million yuan, to support the promotion of new energy passenger cars 15700. And in 2016 the city will arrange new energy vehicle demonstration and extension funds 1.7 billion yuan.

     This year, in support of new energy passenger cars, the Beijing Finance in accordance with the central government in Beijing and the 1 to 1 ratio, for the purchase of new energy passenger cars to consumers to give financial assistance to ensure timely and full payment of the new energy subsidies for small passenger cars. At the same time, shorten the payment time funds. Up to now, the city of pure electric passenger cars reached 25,000 scale.

     Next, the Beijing government will lead to revise and improve the "Beijing demonstration and application of new energy passenger cars financial assistance fund management rules" clearly subsidies and grants process in 2016 and subsequent years. Budgetary arrangements to boost the size of the department budget in 2016, the financial subsidies to ensure that new energy vehicles policy adjustments in place in time.

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