Chinese and Swiss companies will cooperate in the development and marketing of electric cars

  Industry to develop new energy vehicles China on the 29th usher in a new opportunity. Huateng Industrial Co., Ltd. and China National New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. has invested backgrounds Sweden signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement, will carry out the whole industry chain co-development, and manufacturing of key components of electric vehicles and vehicle sales and so on.

  China Huateng by the China Aerospace Science and Industry Group Holdings, able to integrate all aspects of the Group of forces in the new energy, automotive, manufacturing, etc., to promote the electric car industry. The country is located in the Tianjin New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd., the master of the world-renowned Swedish Saab core technology.

  Under the agreement, China will provide its contract partners Huateng motors and electric ancillary components, and establishing a distribution network in Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan and other nine cities, distribution of the country to the company's net production of electric vehicles.

  China Huateng will purchase the company's 20,000 pure electric vehicles, the first purchase contract amount of 6.6 billion yuan.

  2012, the National Electric Vehicle Sweden can Limited ("TNB") acquisition of Saab Automobile company's core assets and technology, mastered the Saab database information and technology research and development team. In June this year, the country with the Development Research Center of the State Holding Guoyankeji Group and other companies set up joint investment country New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd., whose headquarters is located in Tianjin Binhai New Area.

  TNB chairman, said Swedish Chinese Jiang Dalong, China Huateng as a national key enterprises directly involved in the new energy automotive research and development, manufacture and sale of the whole industry chain, which has a strategic significance for China's rapid development of new energy automotive industry.

  "With this partnership, we on the one hand relying on the Swedish Saab technology and talent, on the one hand the integration of CASIC technical resources, thereby Saab core strengths and China's auto industry for grafting, to solve some bottlenecks in the current Chinese independent brand automobile technology research and development problem. "Jiang Dalong says," We believe that China in the new energy automotive R & D and manufacturing are expected to turn to overtake. "

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