Robots boost automakers better

    December 28, High-tech Zone is located in Xiangyang, Hubei Dongfeng Nissan Infiniti car Xiangyang factory assembly line, robot being assembled cars.

  The automotive industry is the first industrial robot applications, the largest number of applications, application of the strongest in the industry. There are more than 50 percent of the world's industrial robots in the automotive industry. Experts believe that China's automobile industry should fully absorb technology developed for robotic applications, to continue to improve the level of automation of China's automobile industry, while the auto industry experience in the use of industrial robots extended to other sectors, in order to accelerate the realization of the "Made in China 2025" provides reference

  In 2015 the World Assembly, held this year on the robot, some experts are given a set of data: the global auto industry output value is $ 865 billion, robotics and automation technology in which generated $ 656 billion in value.

  "The automotive industry is the first industrial robot applications, the largest number of applications, application of the strongest in the industry." In this regard, China Electronics Technology Group 21 director, senior expert Shi Jinhao components to accept the "Economic Daily" reporters, said that with the the introduction of a joint venture brand car production line, China has reached an annual output of 20 million passenger car production capacity. Compared to a few decades ago, automobile production capacity several times, but the number of industrial workers has changed little, indicating that the upgrade to the robot as a representative of the level of automation, and promote the development of the automobile industry.

  Currently, a similar situation at home and abroad automotive industry applications of industrial robots. Data from the International Federation of Robotics, the deadline to the end of 2014, the global automotive industry is still the most widely used in the field of industrial robots in Japan, Germany and the United States more countries robotic applications, the number of industrial robots is the automotive industry other industries 7 times.

  "This is because the Chinese auto industry joint venture accounted for the vast majority of market share, from the beginning of construction to the production management and then to basically learn foreign model car prices, willing to invest in industrial robotics applications, domestic outer gap is not particularly large, overall domestic automotive industry automation level is very high. "Equipment Industry Research Center of CCID Consulting analyst Wang Yin represents gallium.

  Robotics and automation technology allows automobile industry "a menace." According to Shi Jinhao reports, there are more than 50 percent of industrial robots in the automotive industry. Welding and painting is the first application of robotics to automate, and then, in terms of assembly, handling, production monitoring, and robot parts are the introduction of robotics.

  Wang Ga Eun also believes that industrial robots promote the accelerated development of the automotive industry, mainly in the high yield and a substantial increase in the quality and uniformity of automobile and parts, and improve the technical level and quality of vehicle assembly, to replace the manual do a lot high strength, high pollution and poor working conditions, saving labor and management costs, production and supply chain information intelligence, enhance overall efficiency and so on.

  Why robotics and automation technology in the automotive industry's most common? In this regard, Wang Ga Eun replied, because compared to other industries, the automotive industry for product size, quality, accuracy and assembly requirements are relatively high, the need for high quality, large-scale production and to replace the manual duplication of effort. For the same reason, the electronics industry is also very common robot applications. Meanwhile, the current industrial robots biological medicine, food and other fields is also increasing. "Is not so much the automotive sector the most popular and most successful application of industrial robots, it is more traction to the development of the automotive sector of industrial robot technology." Shi Jinhao that the main reason is to import cars manufactured streamlined operations for the robot; cars funded enterprises, welding, painting and other technology to improve product quality suitable for robots and ultimately reduce costs; auto companies strong technical force, a good robot can use this complex automation products and continue to introduce new technical requirements.

  However, in the automobile industry, the gap between domestic and foreign application robot still exists. "The most salient point is that, from the industrial chain, although domestic car prices higher level of industrial robots, but its supporting parts suppliers application level much lower, while the advanced countries in the automotive industry chain Industrial robots are higher application level, the gap between parts suppliers and car prices itself is not obvious. "Wang Ga Eun said.

  Robot density there are gaps. According to Shi Jinhao introduction, the industry often use industry workers per 10,000 industrial robot applications corresponding to the number of units to measure the level of automation. The domestic auto industry in 200 or less, while Europe and other advanced countries are more than 1,000. From the figures, there are still a wide gap between Chinese and foreign.

  How to continue to make good use of robotics and automation technology to enhance the level of development of China's automobile industry? Wang gallium Yin believes, first, to further improve the industrial robots, automated production equipment level applications in the automotive and auto parts, raw materials production, improve their technical level, to contain parts, raw material suppliers, logistics and so the whole industry chain Automated intelligent production direction forward. The entire industry to accelerate the application of intelligent manufacturing methods.

  Second, innovation management model, to procurement, production, warehousing, logistics and other aspects of the transformation of things, the full application of intelligent management systems, production flexibility, to enable enterprises to maximize efficiency. To break the traditional manufacturing enterprises - the total distribution - regional distribution - distributors multilevel sales, combined with the Internet, financial and other means, innovative sales model and branding. Development of personalized custom manufacturing and related pre-sales, after-sales service, fully understand the importance of post-stressed equipment market and aftermarket.

  "We want to fully absorb technology developed for robotic applications, to continue to improve the automation level of China's automobile industry. Support domestic robot technology and key components business, increase the share of domestic industrial robots. Meanwhile, the automobile industry, industrial robots experience extended to other industry, in order to accelerate the achievement of 2025 made in China for reference. "ShiJinhao he said.

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