2015 Chinese car sales data U-shaped recovery

  In a domestic auto companies worked for nearly 20 years, Huang 2015 flies some trouble. Already done his department senior manager in June when the company is notified of demotion with pay reduction, due to the industry downturn, companies can control costs in order to save labor costs. The original contract had expired Huang does not accept such an arrangement, so he chose to take the initiative and the company's termination.

  The first half of 2015, China's automobile market there has been a rapid decline in production and sales of rare. Huang is only one victim. In this Great Depression, whether state-owned or foreign companies in the domestic sales are a large number of layoffs, a substantial increase in dealer inventories, even once a "closed shop tide."

  By the end of September, the government decided to buy 1.6 liters and below passenger car vehicle purchase tax halved. Under the preferential policies to stimulate China's automobile market began to rebound in October, and in November set a single monthly sales record. It is worth mentioning that, when struggling in the traditional automotive market, the new energy vehicle market began to rise, in 2015, we achieved a 11-month production increased four times dazzling performance. Experts predict that in the policy and market environment of multiple positive, the new energy vehicle industry in 2016 is expected to further outbreak, China's auto market will enter an important period of transition.

  Cold abortion excess automobile sales fell into the "new normal"

  "New normal" is undoubtedly one of the words the past two years China's economy, the automotive industry has experienced considerable growth in 2014, 2015 has entered a "new normal", but it is more intense form of expression, with a rare He opened the Great Depression years.

  May, when Beijing car owners own Ho came to a frequented 4S shop to do routine maintenance of the vehicle. He was surprised to find that did not come for months, there has been left vacant, before the 4S shop has been closed.

  4S shop appeared "back shop tide", which set off a panic at the time of the domestic auto industry. "Barely a closed shop, and the rest of the lot is not closed struggling to support." According to FAW-Volkswagen in Changchun City, a 4S store sales manager to the "Economic Information Daily" reporters, has 10 years of experience, he , was the first time encountered such a situation. Monthly only sell more than 300 vehicles, a huge pressure on the stock, the company is trying to cut prices, but face competition from other distributors of "price war."

  According to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, the entire first half of 2015, the national car sales were down by nearly 7 percentage points higher than the previous year. A sharp decline in sales at the same time, automobile production capacity surplus dilemma is particularly evident. 2015 11 months, the sales volume of China's auto industry reached 21.7866 million, estimated annual sales are expected to be close to 25 million, while the sum of the major domestic automobile manufacturers capacity is already more than 30 million.

  China's automobile market has reached an inflection point is hard to judge, but to enter the "slight increase" new normal has become an established fact. On the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers monthly information conference held recently, the Automobile Association Executive Vice President and Secretary General Dong Yang auto market growth rate forecast for this year should be around 3%. In China Automobile Dealers Association executive director Jia Xinguang opinion, the next few years, the automotive market could face a growth of 3% or less, there will be zero growth or even negative growth.

  Breakout force to break policy deadlock car sales now reversed

  In the market cold, policy once again to save the situation became "critical sir." September 29, the State Council issued about 1.6 liters and below passenger car purchase tax by half policies. The displacement of 1.6 liters or less absolute main product is the automobile models, in promoting this policy in October and November car sales nationwide to achieve a reversal, we have made substantial growth.

  This is not the first government to take affirmative action for the automotive market. Back in 2009, the government once in 1.6 liters of displacement following models embodiment purchase tax relief policy, and brought the automobile market blowout, the year the National Automobile sales increase of up to 52.93%. And after the policy launch, just a single month in November, the displacement of 1.6 liters and below the passenger cars had sold 1.5566 million, growth of 16.5%. October and November, this part of the overall passenger car passenger car sales up year on year sales growth reached 83% contribution.

  It is worth mentioning that the introduction of the traditional automotive vehicle purchase tax relief policies, the New Deal put forward by the end of September also at the same time support the battery, fuel cell vehicles and other research and development, to carry out an intelligent network linking vehicle demonstration pilot, the implementation of new energy enterprises and institutions Cars accounted for, the country can not implement the limit line of new energy vehicles, the purchase and so on.

  Since 2015, China's support policies for new energy vehicles is a "endless." According to the "Economic Information Daily" reporters to incomplete statistics, this year, the central and various departments launched a total of 17 national policies, including the introduction of new energy vehicles subsidies "Thirteen Five" period, the new energy travel exempted from travel taxes, as well as the issuance of "Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the electric vehicle charging infrastructure," and so on.

  In vigorously promote the country's auto market in 2015, the overall downturn in the larger environment, new energy automotive industry bucked the market trend. January to November 2015, the cumulative production of new energy vehicles 279,200, an increase of 4 times, accounting for 1.28% cumulative production of conventional cars. Terms of sales, January-October 2015, cumulative sales of new energy vehicles 17.1145 million, an increase of 2.9 times, accounting for 0.88% of total market sales. According to forecasts, this year, China's new energy vehicle sales to more than 220,000, is expected to board the car sales in the first position of the new global energy sources.

  Looking into the new energy vehicles accelerated growth leading automotive industry in transition

  The industry is widely expected, as the "Thirteen Five" the first year, the new energy vehicles in 2016 will appear more massive growth, and traditional fuel vehicles market is completely different trend, China's automobile market will thus enter the complete transformation of important History.

  In fact, in a clear guide policies, as the market increasingly unified protagonist of car prices in the future direction of investment products, have increased as new energy product development, only in 2015, SAIC, Great Wall, Chang'an and other independent brands have to raise funds in the capital markets for the development of new energy vehicles, and the industry is expected that this trend will be further intensified. Since 2016 the market infrastructure and national policies will have a larger upgrade and improve, new energy vehicle market will emerge faster growth.

  Business confidence is also rising. Country 2020 cumulative total sales target for the new energy vehicles 5 million, and now the eight Chinese car firms announced their own goals combined has more than 3.2 million. According to executive vice president and chief Beiqi new energy products Academy of Engineering Wang may peak to the "Economic Information Daily" reporters, in 2016 the company plans to sell 55,000 new energy vehicles, the target production capacity will reach 100,000 level.

  Deputy Secretary General of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers Xu Yanhua said: "From now on the development of situation, China's new energy auto market position as the world has no suspense." However, there are a lot of experts, new energy vehicles from the current extended to the future The truly universal, still capture the supporting applications including charging facilities, master the core "Three" technology, such as multiple problems.

  Just a few days ago, the AQSIQ, the State Standards Committee joint National Energy Board, the Ministry of Industry, Science and Technology and other departments publish revised electric vehicle charging interfaces and communications protocols five national standards for electric vehicle charging safety and compatibility make improvements problems. The industry expects the charging national standard announced a significant opportunity for the new energy vehicle charging facilities industry. CCID Consulting research director Wu Hui said that from the size of the market, the future estimated value of the charging stations will be higher, revenue model will also implement new innovations. In the short term, the country will usher in a charging station or charging pile construction peak.

  In addition, many experts recommend, promote the healthy development of new energy automotive industry need to establish long-term mechanism. On the one hand, the new energy automotive industry to technology innovation as the core, and constantly optimize the user experience of travel; on the other hand, the promotion of public policy development of new energy automotive industry to have continuity, and improve and perfect time according to the reality of the situation.

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