A total of 11,107 Mazda recall its variety of models

    Recently, Mazda (China) Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. to the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine submitted a recall report, the decision is from 30 November 2015 until May 15, 2016, recall Mazda 323 (BG model, BA models) Mazda MPV, Mazda 626, Mazda 929 models.

汽车之家 汽车之家

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汽车之家 汽车之家



    Since ending November 30, 2015 until May 15, 2016, the recall period from 1 June 1992 to July 1998 30, producing Mazda 323 (BG model, BA type), Mazda MPV, Mazda 626, Mazda 929, a total of 11,107.

Recall Reason:

    Within the scope of this recall vehicles due to excess grease coated on the ignition switch internal contacts, generate heat during arc discharge operation switch between the fixed contact and the movable contact carbonized grease accumulation, with a switch internal insulation decreased phenomenon. Thus, the occurrence of current conduction between the contacts continue to use the words of the switch heat, smoke, resulting in a fire hazard exists.


    Mazda (China) Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. will recall the object with respect to all vehicles, the implementation of improvement measures after free replacement new ignition switch. Mazda (China) Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. will entrust FAW Mazda Motor Sales Co., Ltd. and Changan Mazda Motor Sales Company actively sends notification to the user through distributors, users can directly get in touch with the nearest dealer, or call the official telephone consultation.

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