2015 China's automobile market is not too cold

  2015 China's auto market has been in a state of high inventories, in August began to pick up, to halve the purchase tax policy stimulus, is expected by the end of gains across the board. 2016 vendor relationships or get converted "like brothers" like new relationship. Used car sales market not tens of millions, target of 2016.

  Dealers "under cold on warm" in order to protect the sales price to the end of the impulse

  January 5, 2016, in the form of the China Automobile Dealers industry monthly analysis meeting, Deputy Secretary General of China Automobile Dealers Association, Lang Xuehong said high inventory early warning indicators entire first half of 2015, meaning that the first half of 2015 compared with the dealer difficulty of the work Big. However, after entering the second half of the stock early warning index has dropped significantly - - August index dropped to below the warning line ups and downs, this is the only time in 2015, less than a month of ups and downs line below. Visible dealers operating in the second half eased, the overall distribution industry situation has significantly improved over the first half.

  Overall business conditions than last November was a slight decline, due to the dealers at the end to ensure sales reach target sales through price cuts and other ways, in fact, the process of impulse, business conditions index declined for. Such as the Audi A4L price 90,700 yuan, Jeep Compass Beijing cash straight down 60,000 yuan, the Volvo XC90 highest offer 140,000 yuan. This also affected some of the crowd waiting to see the desire to buy, so this is November did not meet market expectations, but in December the demand will be very strong reasons for some dealers believe that it is the first quarter of this year, in January or even automobile market is bound to usher in a decline in demand off-season.

  Deputy Secretary General of China Automobile Dealers Association, Lang said the 2016 school red in the three main aspects to highlight changes in judgment, the most eye-catching is tantamount to manufacturers, "as brothers, partners, husband and wife" like reshape relations in the coming year dealer or depending on the exact market needs, determine and report the sales plan, it is no longer authorized by the vendor assignment. This change in the judge ask the dealer to "import and sale, deposit" to enhance capacities, in-depth understanding of consumer demand as the core.

  Used car sales have not tens of millions affected by three major factors

  Deputy Secretary General of China Automobile Dealers Association, talked about Shen Rong, 2015 of second-hand car market as a whole showed a rising trend, November used car transaction size over 800,000, the first 11 months of the total trading volume 8,400,300, turnover of nearly 500 billion yuan, is expected in December is expected to exceed 900,000, the data is still among the statistics. But it is certain that, even in December compared to November second-hand car trading volume increased in 2015, the year used car sales will not break million. Shen Rong said the breakthrough millions of sales targets will be set in 2016.

  Three factors restricting the development of second-hand cars, according to Xiao Zheng three reports, second-hand car market development objective factors, including policy factor is very important. The first is the limit move, can not flow or circulation inside a very small range, which lead to a decline in sales; the other is used car trade VAT tax is not resolved, so many large dealers, used car dealers in the cultivation, the growth process has been squeezed, businesses do not grow up, it had an impact; three of China's first-tier cities limit the impact of the major cities and led to the purchase of second-hand car trading volume decline of new car purchase will affect the sales of second-hand cars, One hard situation led to the public's desire to buy new cars dropped, but also will result in a second-hand car trading limitations.

  Import supplier in the Chinese market is too optimistic to judge

  Imported cars China's auto market benchmark, over the past 2015 years, the imported car market performance is not satisfactory. Overall, import car market from the beginning of the second half of 2014 has been in a dropping trend, and once appeared in total imports, the demand for double down situation. This is due to the importer or importing suppliers of the Chinese market to judge too optimistic, leading to such a result. Although the state has adopted emission vehicles of less than 1.6 can enjoy the purchase tax policy, but unfortunately imported cars below 1.6-liter car only to 10 percent, a situation or a continuation of 2016.

  From the brand's origin into view Japanese, the US Department of Korea University, European Department, in 2015 the share of European brands has been raised by one percentage point, the Japanese are relatively stable, the US Department of slight decline, so the whole imported car market is relatively stable, but the European system advantage is not obvious. Models, the three models have shown a significant decline, cars fell 26.6% SUV24.4%, MPV 10.6%. From the model point of view segments of imported cars has changed the concept of large displacement carts, the largest segment of the market is the A-class car.

  2015 parallel imports performed well, accounting for 1--10 increased compared to 2014, it is expected this year to more than 110,000. But Xiao Zheng three represents, parallel imports have some good policies in 2015, but in the entire import market, do parallel import car dealer still cautious.

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