Great Wall Motor shouted what emboldened 950,000 goal

    End wrap up, eye-catching performance of Chinese brands

     Being inventoried 23 car prices, there are 11 companies over-done, 12 did not complete the sales target, target unfinished car prices accounted for more than 50%. Chinese brands, Changan, Great Wall, Geely, Chery, JAC and other car firms exceeding the annual sales tasks, the performance of eye-catching (Write obtain BYD official data)

Table data from the network consolidation

    Among them, the top-ranked Changan brand passenger car sales reached 1,007,000, an increase of 30.9%, which Chang's two SUV (CS75 and CS35) and China Petronas Yat move one car credit. Great Wall in 2015 total sales of 853,000 cars, of which total sales of 663,000 Hover SUV, an increase of 54%. Hover SUV market with outstanding performance, Great Wall Motor 2015 also has accomplished the goal of 850,000 sales, an increase of 17%.

    Car firms who have shouted 2016 sales target

     2015 sales just finished inventory, car prices have also have a call in 2016 sales target. As a Chinese brand ranked first and second in Changan and the Great Wall, it is early to release the 2016 sales target.

     Chang will set 2016 sales target to 830,000, as more than a million in 2015 and sales both car prices, sales targets Changan has become very conservative, in accordance with the development of the situation this year, Chang said that sales target can be no challenge.


    The other hand, the Great Wall, in 2015 just completed 850,000 annual sales target (annual total sales of 853,000), but 2016 sales target was set to 950,000, more than a full 2015 out of 100,000. Another example of Geely completed after 40 years of sales target in 2015, but the 2016 sales target set at 600,000. JAC also set a goal of 360,000 new (2015 351 900 actually completed), Chery Automobile sales, although there is no clear goal, but the chairman Yin Yue Chery Automobile in 2015 revealed that 5 million off the assembly line the same day, Chery's total 2016 sales will be compared with 2015 grew more than three times (2015 to complete 480,000).

    Today we discussed the first Chinese brand Great Wall Motor camp, Great Wall Motor shouted sales target of 950,000 in 2016, because of the self-confidence of blind or SUV sales rose let too arrogant it? Great Wall Motor shouted goal of 950,000 emboldened what exactly?

Great Wall SUV is still the largest rely

    As we all know, the Great Wall has a SUV, sedans, pickup three categories. Pickups because of policy restrictions and other reasons, the possibility of selling sparked not large, but the Great Wall pickups pickup position in China industry, next year sales performance is not too bad, I expect the overall sales in 2016 will still be the Great Wall pickups remained at around 100,000 (2015 total sales 99,463 vehicles pickups).


    Removing the pickup, the largest of the Great Wall will be the most obvious rely on good SUV. 2015, Great Wall SUV, total sales 699,000, from 700,000 a whisker, the morning the city for two months if Hafer H8 better pricing, then break 700,000 sales a great possibility. A single model, the overall sales hold up the Great Wall Hover H6 sales break 30,000 times in the last two months of 2015 is a continuous breaking the 40,000 mark, becoming the biggest player in the Great Wall of sales. Hover H2 listed less than two years now also getting better, just past December is a breakthrough 20,000 mark in 2015 overall sales reached 168,500. Both cars of the current market performance next year, Great Wall SUV product spiker still these two cars, taking into account the 1.3T models before the exposure of the message, these two cars are expected to further decline in prices, then sales may rise It is high.

    In addition to these two models, the Great Wall Hover listed by the end of 2014 H1 also maintained a steady upward trend, many months after experiencing steady last month finally break million, becoming the third-highest sales in Great Wall Motors SUV models. In addition, Harvard H8, H9 etc. Although monthly sales in general, but also for the total annual contribution to a part of the Great Wall performance, coupled with the upcoming 2016 Hover H7, if the Great Wall SUV models can continue to maintain the current trend, so in 2016 750,000 or even higher sales is not difficult.

Great Wall Lubricant sedan or car sales

    Since 2014 temporarily abandoned car strategy, the market performance of the Great Wall automobile car began to go downhill, according to the Great Wall of official disclosure data show that: in 2015 the Great Wall car sales overall only 54,000, compared with 91,000 in 2014 Gap great. However, in early 2015, Wei Jianjun, head of the Great Wall has been in public, he said: not like the rumors that, in fact, did not give up the Great Wall Motor car strategy, and will launch C30EV and other car models in 2016. If this is true, then the Great Wall car or car strategy will restart in 2016.


    Carefully research data easy to find, Great Wall Motor in 2016 on updating models C30, C50 models have achieved a price increase with sales strategy, and from the sales situation in December, the Great Wall C30 has emerged 10.76 compared to the same period in 2014 % rebound, indicating that the sales strategy is effective. Great Wall can restart the car if the strategy in 2016, simply to boost sales of 40,000 cars in 2015 on the basis of total sales, with SUV and pickup two categories, its completion will greatly increase annual sales possibilities. Thus, the car may really become the lubricant of the Great Wall of overall sales.

Red and blue label strategy or another booster to the Great Wall

    2015 Shanghai Auto Show, Great Wall Motor announced the red and blue label strategy, many industry insiders believe that this is unnecessary, just shell replacement, in essence, nothing has changed, the red and blue target strategic significance. I also think that the Great Wall before the red and blue label does have some fuss. However, sales of fine analysis is not difficult to find, red and blue label strategy allowed each model's sales are uniform on the ground by a large margin. In Harvard H6 example, Blue Dart Hover H6 Coupe to some extent make up for the lack of young Harvard H6 disadvantage, although May to August because the market environment does not affect somewhere, but sales in October after it emerged the big the magnitude of warming, and two months before the end of consecutive break 40,000 mark, the contribution Coupe is not small, although this model is the integration of emerging and H6, but I expect the sales of the car is about to close units next year Performance. Look at Harvard H1,11月份哈弗 after H1 Red Label Release, December H1 on and Harvard blue-standard products together to force a breakthrough million mark, and called Havel's and a hot-selling models.


    The author analyzes, the Great Wall red and blue mark, while cumbersome, but also really take care of the vehicle positioning to more consumers. At present, China's auto market, most consumers still choose the car a lot of emphasis on appearance, the Great Wall SUV conventional products, too moderate, although consumer groups to take care of a lot, but attractive to some young consumer groups is not enough. The Blue Label product launch, then make up for this deficiency, take care to contain the young, including a wider group. Although its current prospects are still some doubts, but for now, at least the direction is right. So the future strategy to the Great Wall red and blue marked another booster, is not impossible.

    Special automobile market commentary views: The published 2016 car sales target and plans car prices see, each car prices on the market in 2016 remain optimistic. On the one hand the major car firms to accelerate the implementation of corporate strategy; on the other hand have increased as the models, sales and marketing, to seize more market share. View, 2016 is a year of each car prices melee. The Great Wall in this situation call for a sales target of 950,000, on the whole, the Great Wall of cards, or more, not only have a new car and SUV trump card replacement model can be used, but also the car that lubrication agents, plus the actual sales of red and blue label strategy boosters bring Great Wall to complete 950,000 sales goal is not that sure did not. However, the current market situation in 2016 is not yet clear exactly how the presence of unknown variables, whether next year the Great Wall in the situation, flexibility is the key to its development.

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