North American Car of the Year: Honda Civic / Volvo XC90

    According to media reports, the Honda Civic and the Volvo XC90 be obtained in 2015 in North America Car of the Year awards, the awards ceremony was held at the Detroit auto show.


    2015 the best year in North America by Honda sedan Civic (domestic Civic) to get the car to launch sedan version and Coupe coupe version of the two versions, the new car successfully defeated sharp snow Folan Mai Po and the Mazda MX-5 has won the highest honor. Power, the Honda Civic 2.0L inline Starter Edition equipped four-cylinder engine, the maximum power output 178kW (242PS), and optional 1.5T engine, maximum power of 127kW (173PS), maximum torque of 220Nm.



    Heavy truck / multifunction models Awards aspect, won by the Volvo XC90, Volvo XC90 successfully defeated the Honda Pilot and Nissan Titan XD awards, this award is especially important for the Volvo is concerned, allows Volvo for the same platform in the SPA products more confident S90, Volvo S90 is also about starting debut at this year's North American Auto Show.


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