To extend the life of the car must have common sense

  How to maintain a car to make the car live longer? In the process of the car and what must pay attention to the common sense it? Then we have to look at some of the car owners to provide small common sense.

  Don't use your toes on the brakes

  Many novice drivers are often the most important to the performance of the brakes, but sometimes the brakes are equally important.

  Many novice accustomed to light on the brakes on the toes, in an emergency situation may not be able to immediately stop the car.

  On tiptoe with my brakes as quickly, can instantly make the brake pedal to the floor, the maximum braking capacity.

  To the rear mirror can be prevented by a taxi look look

  Summer or process of the heavy rain, when it rains, the rearview mirror clear and not related to driving safety, in case of an emergency, and travel time is not long, can mirror muddle headed to the automobile rear mirror coated detergent, soap and water, shampoo and a layer of wax, these simple methods Pro resolved, in the rain can be in 1 ~ 2 hours to maintain a clear mirror.

  Replace brake oil on a regular basis

  Many owners or will not pay attention to the brake oil, in this, it is recommended that all owners, it is important to regularly check the level of the brake fluid is very important, but the work is very simple. The liquid level can be maintained between "MIX" and "MAX". Some owners feel that the brake oil did not become black, the brakes did not feel 'soft' there is no need to replace the brake oil. In fact, this idea is very dangerous. Because there is no sign of brake failure due to the boiling of the brake fluid, brake failure is a sudden appearance. Air filter should be replaced regularly

  If the air filter is not changed regularly, the filter element is blocked, so that the intake resistance is increased, and the engine power is reduced. Also due to the increase in air resistance, sucked into the volume of gasoline increased, leading to the mixture too thick, so as to make the engine running state variation, an increase in fuel consumption, but also prone to carbon deposition. So usually should develop the habit of checking the filter element of air filter.

  In fact, we have a certain habit of driving, many times we feel insignificant. So every time the car maintenance will find that their car had so many problems.

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