Recommended 28T luxury Cadillac car manual CT6

    China's first joint venture in the domestic large car is what brand? I believe a lot of people and I did not expect that the former is a Cadillac, and even a lot of people did not expect the Cadillac will be a large car. After the Wei emperor, Cadillac in the field of large-scale car after nearly ten years of silence finally in 2015 launched a new generation of flagship product CT6, and non-stop in January 2016 in Jinqiao factory formal domestic line. And today CT6 is also officially listed, the price range of -81.88 million, a total of eight different configurations, we now have to look at which one of the most worthy of recommendation.

● Model Introduction

    Cadillac CT6 although located in a large car, but BMW 7 Series, Mercedes S-Class and Audi A8 models of the same level, but some special compared. Because these traditional large car market in China is almost exclusively provided long-wheelbase version of the model, and in the majority of overseas sales are derived from the long-wheelbase version, and CT6 body size and the same level models are standard-wheelbase version similar models, than the introduction of domestic long-wheelbase version of the slightly smaller.

◆ Exterior

  CT6 shape always used Cadillac signature diamond cut shape style driving skills, and because body size is relatively large, so it looks like the gas field is greater.

  As can be seen, the size did not deliberately stretched wheelbase CT6 and 7 Series long-wheelbase version, or have gaps, in fact its location is between medium and large cars and large vehicles between. No thanks also lengthened wheelbase, CT6 side of the line looks very capable, and that the back door was obvious domestic stretched over the large and large vehicles in stark contrast.

  CT6 offers a total of five colors: white diamond, fuse red, Yao black, titanium gray and chrome silver. Color selection is not too rich, but fortunately covers the major white, black, gray, silver, and there is a passionate red, believe that consumers in the choice will not be too difficult.

  CT6 total offers three wheels, 18-inch wheels with a fashion model to 28T, 28T and 28T elite luxury, 19-inch wheels equipped to lead type 28T, 40T and 40T luxury lead type, while the 19-inch mirror polished wheels equipped to 28T and 40T platinum Edition platinum Edition. Both wheels 19 inches style is the same, only different in the surface treatment.

◆ Interior

 CT6 interiors and Cadillac's past has been greatly different, the whole design has entered a new era, it's a new steering wheel shape, large size in the control screen, the new baffle is the first time in Cadillac cars.

  Extensive use of leather-wrapped car is the United States Department of the usual tricks to create a luxurious atmosphere, as the new flagship of the American luxury car, CT6 also did not mean for leather, with a wood trim and large-size screen, perhaps this is the new American Cadillac defined luxury.

  CT6 models offer different configurations for a variety of interior materials and color matching. Interior materials from low to high are leather, Jasmine Opus leather and leather, while the colors are beige, gray, black and other options.

◆ Space

  As a big car, for CT6 not need to worry too much interior space, height 180cm experience who after adjusting the driver's seat in the back row can maintain fists of legroom, although large-scale and long-wheelbase car that kind of luxury rear immeasurably, but if and general relatively large car, then it is not strive.

◆ Power system

CT6 power system
engineEngine TypeMaximum powerMaximum torque
2.0TInline four-cylinder turbocharged

276 hp (203 kW) /




3.0TV-type six-cylinder twin-turbo

405 horsepower (298 kilowatts) /




  Domestic CT6 a total of two power options, are 2.0T and 3.0T four-cylinder six-cylinder engine, and the engine matches are common longitudinal production of 8-speed manual gearbox, the 2.0T with the 8L45 while the 3.0T match is subjected to greater torque 8L90.2.0T all rear-wheel drive models, and 3.0T models are all equipped with four-wheel drive system.

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