Foxconn, Tencent together to create "Internet + smart electric vehicle" is about to set sail

Foxconn and Tencent together to create the "Internet + smart electric car" platform - Harmony Fortum Internet plus intelligent electric car company January 29 open to the public management of the real capacity, which means that under the "Internet +" whirlwind of intelligent electric car cutting-edge about to start business operations.

    The same day, the company is headquartered in Zhengzhou "harmonious Fortum 'announces the global electric vehicle research and development experts from the BMW Group will serve as the headquarters of Dr. Bi Fukang's" Internet + smart electric car "corporate CEO, previously served as general manager of Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. Infiniti the Dr. Dai Lei will serve as chief operating officer. Start immediately after the arrival of two management companies operate, they would also be the board of directors of the enterprise business partners and members of the company.

    Fortum is a harmonious Chinese Harmonious New Energy Automobile Holdings Ltd, Hon Hai Group and Tencent Group, through their affiliated entities co-founded the innovative investment platform, "Internet + smart electric car" is the platform's core strategic projects and independent enterprises, aims to develop future-oriented solutions for personal mobility, shape originated in China, the layout of the world's high-end brand, to provide consumers with a smart, pleasant and eco-friendly driving experience.

    Harmony Fortum announced that they will play their respective advantages of resources investors. Hon Hai Group is the world's largest professional electronics manufacturer, injection of advanced technology and rich experience in the core areas of intelligent electric vehicle manufacture. Tencent is one of China's leading Internet service providers, will be "Internet + smart electric car" plans to provide Internet connectivity platform, automotive Internet in innovative solutions. Harmony is China's leading automobile luxury car dealers, its extensive experience in the automotive marketing and services will provide a strong guarantee for the "Internet + smart electric vehicle" future market performance.

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