The best winter car heating time and skill

    Preheat car, mainly to ensure that the engine lubricating oil to achieve the best results, the automatic gearbox oil up to operating pressure. Because the cold start, the crankshaft speed instant surge of oil transported to the pad position too late, is likely to cause damage to the pad, shorten engine life, increased engine noise. Cold start and go, automatic transmission insufficient pressure accumulator pressure, the impact of large, clutch consumed quickly.

 Therefore, to ensure that the operation of the car does not heat the various components of automotive vehicle damage. But the length of the hot car of the process, according to vehicle quality, the season, hot car, as long as the smooth running of the car, shaking or trembling disappears, you can start slowly. Winter hot car problem, viewed from two aspects, situ hot car for 3-4 minutes, the protection of the engine is certainly good, first, allow the oil to fully reach the lubrication points, and let all parts heated to normal with the gap, then running at full capacity, this engine wear will be very small. However, because cold start, the engine control module will double the amount of oil, easy starting, the speed will be increased by 20% -30% in order to stabilize the idle state. Thus, one is not driving the vehicle, thus wasting energy, the second is when the cold idling fuel supply amount increase due to incomplete combustion, will increase air pollution. Therefore, the automatic car started hanging P block to pull the hand brake after the warning lights start to open (the purpose of checking the turn signal is intact, which is important for urban road traffic), then get off the ring car a week to see the lights, tires, whether leaking oil spills, about 1-2 minutes to complete, the car with the D block, without refueling door (basement uphill course to refuel), idle running 100-200 meters, and then transferred to normal driving, such as preheating fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly.

 Situ hot car can warm up the engine and transmission, air conditioning can be used after the water temperature warm, but not warm-up driveline and tires, suspension and the like. In particular, the temperature is low, if the start after driving on a cold engine large load is applied, affecting engine life. It recommends car owners in situ preheating 2-3 minutes, then low speed for some distance. Never place hot car for too long, otherwise cold and wet areas, could easily lead to carbon deposition inside the engine, muffler and water early corrosion. In addition, the morning to go out driving speed and load must be controlled, do not be anxious plus or minus throttle and emergency braking operations.

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