Car paint care not to neglect the proper maintenance finish

What are some of the colors of the paint is metallic paint, metallic paint and some Putong Qi Pu Tongqi What is the difference in fact:?? Common paint into the paint, metallic paint and pearlescent paint.

First, the car paint conventional wisdom:

For vehicles, in addition to paint decorative, but also has protective properties corrosion, rust, high temperature resistance, stain resistance, impact resistance and so on. Therefore, not like paint lacquer furniture as only a simple one, but generally by the phosphate coating, electrophoretic layer, the paint, the paint layer and the varnish layer and other components. Wherein the phosphate coating and electrophoretic layer belong primer, paint layer and the varnish layer belong finish.

Metallic paint: also known as metallic paint, is a popular automobile finish. In its base paint in aluminum particles plus a fine. After the light incident on the aluminum particles, aluminum particles has been reflected through the gas film. Therefore, it looks like metal in glittering same. Change the shape and size of the aluminum particles can be controlled flash of metallic paint. Metallic paint on the outside, but also add a layer of varnish to protect it.

Pearlescent paint: also known as mica paint, is currently a popular automobile finish. It works with metallic paint is basically the same. It mica instead of aluminum particles. In its binder has added coated with titanium dioxide and iron oxide mica pigments. After the light incident on the mica particles, titanium dioxide and iron oxide to bring color, and then the occurrence of complex refraction and interference mica particles. Meanwhile, mica itself has a special, transparent sense of color. Thus, the reflected light, it seems to have a pearly flash. Moreover, titanium dioxide itself has a yellow, squint time and changed to light blue, to look from different angles, with different colors.

Metallic addition to high hardness, but also the performance level of the body beautiful. Cause "metallic paint" Another reason more and more common, it is mixed with a metal powder, with metal components, thus increasing the hardness of paint, paint hardens, it is less likely to be scratched.

There are not a plain paint metallic paint, white, black, red, and yellow, the colors of silver paint can not add, but added after the silver, the color is not apparent the original Stern, become white a pearl white, black becomes black with bright light, it will become a so-called red burgundy, and it will become golden yellow.

Second, bought back the car paint how maintenance?

Although there is no car paint aging, but should be done thoroughly before using the protection process, because transportation from the origin to the parking lot, the paint had already started to contact with the air, and invasion by rain, sand lime, and begins to oxidize. Timely and correct maintenance, will make the car paint are well protected.

1 new car wax

Imported cars first problem facing the open wax. Since most of them are imported cars were shipped by sea way, in order to prevent the transport of water, wind and sun erosion, automobile manufacturers will be painted in front of the car factory on the paint surface with a protective wax, which contains paraffin wax, resin, and Teflon and other materials, can be maintained year anti-corrosion protection on the body. Finally, do not remove this layer of wax wipe with gasoline or kerosene, use liquid wax or professional open to professional beauty maintenance shop

2, cleaning the body surface

If it is made cars, did not open the wax argument. But first cleaning is the best car to clean indoor hand car wash, or a better environment garage.

Some dirt is with the naked eye can not see, like pollution gum, alkalis, acids and other chemical components should be completely removed. Simply can not afford to go with a detergent these contaminants must be dedicated decontamination wipe with a little bit of clay.

The new cars do not just waxing. Some people buy a new car back to the car after waxing, which is undesirable. Because the paint on the car itself has a protective wax, waxing too early but will get rid of the original wax car surface, resulting in unnecessary waste, generally within three months of the new car does not have to rush to buy back waxing.

3, daily car use in paint maintenance

In normal use of the vehicle, the car paint sealing glaze waxing and is the owner of the situation are more likely to encounter. As a traditional automotive beauty of the project, the role of first waxing is waterproof, anti-acid rain, wax protection, water droplets adhered amount will decrease the body.

Followed by anti-high temperature and UV, waxing film formed part of the light can be reflected effectively prevent the paint aging.

Thirdly it is the wax can prevent static electricity, of course, but also to prevent dust. The car is moving static friction with the air, and the wax can be effectively cut off the body with air, dust friction. Less static car less naturally absorb dust, wax and polish can also play the role of thinking, making the car look more bright as new.

Third, the owner should be how to maintain daily paint?

Paint protection right approach:

1, try to park your car in the garage, not to stop when there is strong sun exposure, reduce rain.

2. Cleaning Do not rub dry, above a small sand Reed may be worn paint, be sure to water.

3, just bought the car came back to be closed once the glaze, after little more polishing and waxing.

4, do not go out when parking Luantingluanfang, if people will move out of the way in the way the paint stroke.

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