Cars circulating on the Internet about these rumors are true or false

1, the air conditioning easy poisoning carcinogenic exposure immediately after the car, is that true? (true)

The first thing many drivers into the car is immediately open air, you can have friends in the micro-channel circle forwarded message said: "The car interiors at high temperatures is likely to volatilize benzene, formaldehyde, into the car flew open air, may allows you to instantly inhale 'toxic', long-term inhalation carcinogenic. "

After testing, the car after the exposure, formaldehyde index indeed significantly exceeded. Car interior, dashboard release formaldehyde are the culprit. One major feature is the low boiling point of formaldehyde, automotive after high temperature exposure, the release of formaldehyde higher than usual volume 20-30%. Long-term effect, will affect health. Experts suggest that the car after exposure, should immediately open the windows and let the air flow inside the car up, the vehicle will quickly reduce the concentration of formaldehyde.

2, the car trunk can not turn on the water to drink, is that true? (false)

Has been on the "car trunk put water can not drink," the question has plagued many owners. Internet rumors, said: "polyester bottles of water to be used often contain human body may cause chronic poisoning substances such as bisphenol A, especially when the bottle is placed in a car trunk in high temperature, high temperature PET bottle will occur. changes, resulting in penetration of harmful substances into the water, hazardous to health. "

In this regard, some experts experiments confirmed that bottled water in PET bottles generally do not add plasticizer such substances, water bottles regular manufacturers do not release formaldehyde and other substances. Stability is determined by the degree of polymerization of PET polyester material is determined, in general, when the temperature is less than 120 ℃, PET material is very safe. The car clearly does not so hot, so the "mineral water put in the trunk will produce toxic substances," saying there is no scientific basis. But the high temperature will affect the taste of mineral water is generally recommended not to store for a long time, it should also be consumed as soon as possible after opening.

3, network transmission "with nail polish can effectively repair car scratch", is that true? (true)

Recently, the spread of the Internet a good way to repair scratches car - nail polish. The statement said: "nail polish and spray painting with paint is a material that can prevent the oxidation paint rust for mild, moderate scratches are more effective."

Use nail polish and toothpaste, are circulated on the Internet up painting Cheats, these methods can not replace the professional automotive repainting rust, but slight grazing in the vehicle, the use of nail polish applicator body at grazing, effective isolated metal body contact with air, preventing oxidation of body rust. But for a large area and rub scratches, it recommended that owners do not the easy way, it is best to deal with professional bodies to repair.

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