Winter car maintenance knowledge of medical notes

While we welcome the rare leap in September, but a little bit cooler weather it! Winter pace little by little closer to it! Unconsciously, this day has been a frost it! Northern autumn always very short, just past the big pants summer ice cream, instant it was going to snow! This fast-paced change, adaptation can not really ah! At the same time can not adapt, as well as your car ah! Point to heart, meticulous care of the good points of your car, ah, or else in the cold winter really give you the ball dropped ah! The following, we list the 10 keeping a car on winter precautions, please study hard.

1, paint, important index: ★

Winter wet, cold in the harsh environment of automotive paints influence is not small, easy to accelerate aging or cracking paint. Further winter snow clean up snow and the northern city of deicing salt will have a certain effect on the paint. In addition to the rain and snow vehicle to be cleaned, there is no garage friends even before winter to check the vehicle's paint, paint found to have damaged must be repaired, especially injuries to non-plastic primer surface area that is outside the front and rear bumpers must catch up paint to prevent further rusting. In addition, after the winter, the best month to your car to play a wax, in order to avoid corrosion of rain and snow to the finish.

2, windows, an important index: ★

Windows should also do maintenance work. Windows is generally not a problem, but if there are problems will be very embarrassing. For example, if your window does not close, and that your car is cold the twelfth day in a beautiful landscape, in addition to endure the biting cold outside when driving, if the night came a sudden heavy snow, the next day and then open a warm, stealing the car on. Therefore, timely inspection window lift, in the process of switching windows, the glass if the situation appears stagnant or shaking should be checked and the timely replacement of parts.

3, wipers, an important index: ★★

Frequent rain and snow in winter, wiper operating frequency is relatively high, and therefore we need to pay attention to the part. Wipers generally need to be replaced about once a year. Doing maintenance car wiper wipers when we can pull up with your fingers touch the cleaning wiper rubbers after, check for the elastic blade and rubber blade hand how. If the leaf aging, hardening, cracks, then the wiper blades will need to be replaced. If you just use the wipers months of work unclear situation, it can also repair their own hands, the available number 1000 or higher grade polish fine sandpaper glued water.

4, air conditioning, an important index: ★★

Cold winter, the frequency of automobile air-conditioning use naturally increased. Winter due to dry climate, dusty, heater and air conditioning filter easily blocked, so that a small amount of warm air, heat is not enough. Some owners of convenience, simply direct the removal of the filter without doing harm is considerable. Not a filter, a lot of dust directly into the air conditioning distribution box, enter part of the cab occupant indoor dust can affect health; another part of the dust will be deposited in the evaporation chamber, the passage of time caused by blockage of the evaporation tank, air-conditioning in summer when it will greatly affect the air conditioning cooling effect. Therefore, before winter, it is best to clean the filter, and air-conditioned environment to ensure that the car's heating effect.

5, glass of water, an important index: ★★★

Glass of water supplies on the retail market can be divided into three: one summer commonly used in the cleaning solution in addition to increasing the shellac component, you can quickly remove the residue flies hit the windscreen; one designed for winter use antifreeze glass cleaning fluid to ensure that when the outside temperature is below minus 20 ℃, still will not freeze frozen car facilities; one is the effects of antifreeze to ensure that at minus 40 ℃ when the ice is still not suitable for most of northern cold regions. Consumers can select the relevant products based on the region where their. Of course, if you decide to drive to the warm south from the cold north, we must pay attention to replace the glass of water, or your glass kettle is likely due to icing bursting.

6, antifreeze, important indicators: ★★★

The main function of antifreeze is parking in the cold winter to prevent ice and Splitting coolant radiator and the engine block or head frozen, and in summer the temperature is high, the effective anti-boil, boil to avoid the phenomenon. Antifreeze play a great role, it can directly affect the car's performance and service life. First, there is a warranty period of antifreeze, it is generally valid for more than two years, so antifreeze must be replaced periodically. Next, enter the depth of winter, we can antifreeze "freezing point" value to determine the good and bad of this product, and select the appropriate antifreeze. "Freezing point" on behalf of the product will lower the freezing effect in extreme low temperature environment, the better. Currently a high technological content freeze liquid rust can reach freezing point -45 ℃.

7, tires, important index: ★★★★

With decreasing temperature, according to the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, tire pressure tire will change. Therefore, in cold weather, the owner should be appropriate to increase the tire pressure to reduce tire wear consumption. At the same time, if in the case of icy slippery, high tire pressure will affect the adhesion of the tire. Therefore, in order to increase the adhesion of the tire, the owner may be appropriate to reduce tire pressure. What time increase, when reduced, the owner should be based on the road conditions. There is no snow on the road, when frozen, reduced tire pressure is not required, it will affect the braking performance of the tire. In some very cold areas, we recommend that owners timely replacement of winter tires.

8, the battery, the important index: ★★★★

Into the winter, the battery is very prone to failure, loss of power will not start in the winter when the phenomenon occurs. Before winter, check the battery status is necessary. First check the battery casing leaks electrolyte phenomenon. If there are leaks, the battery should be replaced. Second, we must check the battery voltage. The method is: when the engine temperature normal circumstances, when you start the machine technology in good condition, successive start the engine can smoothly start up, the battery in good condition, the voltage is normal. If every time you start the engine speed gradually decreases, or barely able to start the engine, indicating that the battery voltage has been in power loss state. If the vehicle mileage is less, the number of starts more cases, it is best not to use a CD or some power-hungry operations.

9, suspension, important index: ★★★★

Winter suspension checks, mainly check the shock absorbers, to see if there leakage or abnormal sound generation. Oil spill, you can double-check after the car wash, to see if there is leakage. As for abnormal sound, we can manually pressed by the body to check creak sound, after the discovery of the fault should be repaired.

10, brakes, an important index: ★★★★★

Adhesion winter tires reduce vehicle braking performance. Before winter, we should carefully check the brake system of the vehicle. This part is to check whether the disc tray is not normal wear and tear, when washing, preferably with water cannons repeatedly brake calipers and brake discs rinse, remove dust, sand and other fixtures inside. Able to do so, you can raise car, brake hoses to see if there is oil leakage. Rear drum brakes for the owners, it is best to open a repair shop clean up the inside of the drum brake dust and metal shavings.

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