Land Rover Defender announced officially discontinued

UK local time on January 29, 2016, the production of up to 68 years of legendary models, Land Rover Defender in England Solihull factory officially announced the shutdown, the car created a total of 2,016,933, and the future will be a new generation of Land Rover Defender 2018 officially published.

  Accompanied by a guardian 90 Heritage Soft Top version (classic soft-top version) off the assembly line, producing up to 68 years of Land Rover Defender models officially declared discontinued, some 700 Solihull factory employees and former employees and old together witness this moment.

  In fact, as early as 2013, Land Rover had announced, guards for security reasons and emissions will be officially discontinued in December 2015. But with the shutdown message released, consumers began to increase demand for guards, Solihull factory which had once reached 125 / day manufacturing number. Ultimately, guards downtime compared to the original plan was delayed for about two months.

  The cut-off does not mean the disappearance of official cars guards, Land Rover Defender official has revealed a new generation of research and development work has been started, the new car will be based on code D7u platform to build the platform by the Jaguar Land Rover aluminum platform derived. According to Gerry McGovern, Land Rover design director, said the new generation of defenders will have a classic design elements, including the two-door version and provides four-door long-wheelbase version, including five pickup version for consumers to choose the form of the body. Guard scheduled for the next generation 2018 debut.

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