Odyssey converted a detailed analysis of the case

Interior space, suitable for 5-7 people aboard, the seat assembly flexibility, in addition to some trunk space to place luggage ...... thanks to these advantages, MPV model has been well received by pragmatists of all ages, especially It is in the "two-child policy" Let go, they suddenly became a lot of objects in the small family car or change when an important consideration. However, the current market most practical car to our visual impression is boring, lack of personality, it really can not do practical, both personality and fun it? In fact, if you know how to modify, and willing to modify, and then a practical MPV can also become a fashion star on the road from the ordinary nanny car, modified version I want to introduce the Odyssey is a good example.

  Owners fertilizer mosquito (nickname) liked cars since childhood, began his love affair from the University of modification. For the modification, he has his own unique insights, like the hobby into their car. On a "play profile" article "low lying Edition" MINI COOPER CABRIO is his car.

  Fat people are very familiar with the mosquito is clear, the current general sales manager of a large steel enterprises is amazing in his work, but also a "Super Daddy." In addition to their daily work, the rest of the time he used to accompany his son substantially, while focusing on the quality of family life is the most important reason he bought Odyssey.

  Since the choice of the Odyssey, practicality had been assured that modification seems to become a matter of course, after all, this is one of interest. In fact, this is one of the reasons Odyssey modified mosquito fat, but most important is that he believes the original car too monotonous, lack of personality, this age really should not be regarded as an ordinary car also means of transport。

  Take a practical-based MPV to modification, but also to achieve impressive results, in fact, is not easy. For the most current MPV appear modified style VIP and Hella Flush (HF). But, using these two styles modified car looked very exaggerated, and is not a small sum can be done.

  Clearly, the immediate conversion Odyssey do not belong to these two styles. Previously modified MINI COOPER CABRIO like fat mosquitoes with a more eclectic approach, that does not cause the car under difficult to repair the damage and to maximize the usefulness of preserved premise, try to make the car modified to achieve their desired posture .

  Modification greatest charm lies in everyone can follow their own ideas create a play of their own car, reached as to whether HF, in fact, really unimportant, now this odyssey is not very good to see it? Of course, the aesthetics vary, does not mean I like you liked it, as some owners bumper sticker pile "Gecko" is a reason to feel good-looking.

  Except now looked very special "lying low" posture, the body there are many changes, the most obvious is that the original front face shiny chrome "big buck teeth" finally was missing, replaced by Japan Absolute surrounded, Noblesse grid gate in the front bumper and grille. These are from the Sea of Japan Amoy back, expensive.

  On the young, it is now the front face of this odyssey much more pleasing to the eye than the original, and in Japan Noblesse spoiler lip off, but also no shortage of young, dynamic atmosphere. In addition, the installation of fog lamps location also Japan Noblesse spoiler (commonly known as "air knife"), style really good, but do not expect it can bring you under pressure.

  After modification, the more obvious changes in the rear, tail Odyssey had a little upturned now suddenly reduced a lot, but with lower visual center of gravity, which gives an intuitive feeling is naturally pleasing to the eye of many, that "before lying backward "feeling slowed down, feeling stiff due before causing the tail square shape also will disappear.

  Facelift Noblesse spoiler lip assembly, so that the rear bumper is even more convex, added some movement to the rear. Of course, it is more just "like goods", it does not generate much substantive role. In addition, the mosquito is still fat spoiler lips hung a Spider-Man doll, when the car to a minimum, this doll is just sitting on the ground, very interesting!

  In order to achieve the visual appearance of the desired effect, it selected the Japanese RAYS ROGA Spike monolithic forged wheels, the rim of which the first specification is 20 × 8.5J, ET35; rear wheels size is 20 × 9.5J, ET45 . The rim is matching specifications for 225/35 R20 tires of TOYO T1S.

  In addition, its front brake system uses Project μ brake kit (with four-piston calipers + 355mm marking tape), rear brake system retains the original. Speaking Project μ, may be a lot of people on this main street development, the use of high-performance brake products brand events are not familiar, in fact, in Japan, it is already a well-known brand.

  In the absence of the shims premise, the basic set of wheels to achieve the fender wheel eyebrow flush effect. If the front wheels can throw out a little more, I believe the vehicle will be looking at some of the more full than it is now, but I would have tumbled risk front fender. Now, this can be described as just the right wheels, and the body design is also more match.

  Almost forgot, this odyssey through the replacement of color film body is now white silk, not before the original pearl white. Can not be denied that the United States Aere film texture also is great, plus manual fine film, it is no exaggeration to say that, even if you look closer and certainly difficult to discern clues. Of course, the United States Aere film is not a bargain.

  Next is the key part, Odyssey has been able to do this now, "lying low" effect, in addition to the changes described above, the most important benefit ACCUAIR or pneumatic system, while the system is to create those same KGOAIR-- Guangzhou area ACCUAIR brand agents.

  Do not think that a pneumatic system is adapted for sets airbag shock absorber, coupled with the controller, cylinders and other accessories so simple, in fact, parts placement and layout is the difficulty, no point really not artistic. To make practical space not occupied too much, they subtly modified division of the main components of the pneumatic system are set in Odyssey spare tire is located.

  In addition to the reasonable layout, it must be to have a good eye-catching design. According to reports, design inspired by the main parts of this region of the pneumatic system from AIR JORDAN shoes laces. In the light of the background, set design looked really special, I believe that anyone would get on this car can not help but carefully looked after something.

  The reason why there is such a design, from interest fertilizer mosquito collection of shoes. For this hobby, he can be called to the extent of obsession, especially AIR JORDAN shoes. Every time a new Collector's Edition release sneakers, he will actively participate in the bidding, even if you can, all of a sudden the man, woman and child in three sizes with a shoe under one roof.

  As for the configuration of the pneumatic system, in fact, with the previous MINI COOPER CABRIO essentially the same, comprising ACCUAIR specific controller, 2 VIAIR pump, aluminum cylinders, KGO customized valves, self-inflatable equipment, but the difference lies in the airbag damper KGO became special customized products.

  Again, this car also slightly modified Odyssey compromise where it does not reach the real HF. When analyzed according to the standard, it is only Slammed state. In fact, this is really enough, after all, it needs to take into account the daily use of the owners, certainly not lose too much in practical terms.

  In addition to the pneumatic system, the chassis is also fitted with a set of CUSCO strengthen kit, which contains the engine compartment balance bar (top right), front and rear anti-roll bar (shrimp to be) and Tic-Tac-frame. For enhancing vehicle handling, these accessories will play a certain role, but will also bring some trouble for everyday driving, such as easily lead to "drag the bottom" of the problem.

  ACCUAIR pneumatic system has 3 height memory function, but also a high degree of independent control of the wheel, you basically do not have to worry about practical issues. When the body is in the highest state, the front tire and the gap between the fender is two fingers, while the rear wheel is three fingers, you can get through sexual basic protection.

  Under normal driving condition, the front and rear clearance between the tire and the fender is about one finger around. Such a setting is mainly to normal steering, as well as with the tire and prevent fender rubs problems arise. Additionally, such a gap also allows the damper enough "active" space, lay the foundation for driving comfort.

 KGO custom balloon is reduced to TEIN STREET FLEX unscrewing damper also as a basis for comfort considerations shall know each one of the cutter teeth Damper TEIN brand in terms of comfort are relatively the same price of other brands of products much better. Of course, the optional cutter teeth shock absorber is also one of the reasons no more.

  Switch to the running state, and now this odyssey with good posture, just the right height, flush with the fender rim body it looked very full. The airbag damper tuning is very good, while ensuring adequate support of the premise, modification technician deliberately adjust it to the most comfortable state, ride comfort even better than the original.

  When in response to the larger bumps or continuous rough road, the shock absorber is relatively decent treatment, the body no extra beat, and try to gentle way back feedback. In addition, even if it is equipped with a flat tire than only 35, but the road will be bumpy fine filter was relatively clean.

Full Summary:

The Odyssey converted into one such examples are rare, after all, it is one of practicality mainly home-based MPV, while the owners simply unwilling to ordinary mosquito fat, do not think the current car is just a pure means of transport tools, before going modified. Under the premise of usefulness diminished, he can do the things they want for life more fun, why not?

An ordinary household MPV, After conversion, it can very well be combined with practicality and personality, but also the owner of the conversion process which has been fun they want. In fact, this is the modification of charm. As to how others see it, but unable to manage their own car, of course by themselves call the shots.

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