Five Chinese car brand sales

    End of each year, the major car manufacturers and sales people are most concerned about the ranking, especially Changan, Great Wall, Geely, Chery, BYD five most representative of Chinese brand car prices, which not only have a lot of their fans and their development for Chinese brands also have major implications. By convention, the story of the king of five car prices this year will be some reviews, this year is no exception. So this year, five car prices compared with the performance in 2014, what difference will it make?

   Charts can be found by Changan, Great Wall, Geely compared to the same period in 2014, have a more substantial growth, BYD is up a slight growth, compared to the same period a Chery only appeared in 2014, a slight decline. From the top view, Changan Auto last year, still continues advantage, ranking first in the top five car prices, with the Great Wall of selling SUV models also achieved good results. Geely advantage in 2015 with cars began to force in 2014 Shihai behind Chery and BYD, and in 2015 directly over the two car companies, ranked third. Chery 2015 sales declined, and the gap between BYD began to shrink, if not much initiative in 2016, it is likely to be overtaken by BYD.

NO.1 Changan Automobile

2015 annual sales: 1,112,900

    For Changan Automobile, the 2015 development still continues its balanced characteristics. According to Chang December 2015 sales of Express show in 2015, long comfortable moving sales 182,332, up 17.72%, Cheung Yuet sales 123,712, up 16.04 percent, the car as a whole showed a steady upward trend. The SUV aspect, Chang'an CS35 annual sales of 169,332, an increase of 68.37%, Chang'an CS75 annual sales of 186,623, an increase of 252.2%, can be said that the growth area is Changan Automobile SUV sales increase the most important protection. MPV aspect, Chang'an Ounuo 142,263, an increase of 3.1%, 18.4% decline in the Ou Liwei appear, sold only 37,522, a small contribution to overall sales.

    From the sales point of view, Changan SUV's explosive growth is the key to its sales rising, steadily sedan also provide a background of steady growth, although Ou Liwei 2015 decline, but not because of its sales base plus Uno good performance, on the whole does not drag too much back. We can say the situation is the three-pronged success of Changan Automobile.

     However, with the growth of Changan Automobile sales, companies also exposed some problems, such as increased vehicle complaints, at the end of "discharge" incident, gave Chang sounded the alarm. Before manufacturers increase productivity due to not pay attention to the production and problems and a few, a few years ago the most famous is the Toyota "brake" incident, its impact did not make Toyota a few years Huanguo Lai. A lesson in the side, hoping to boost sales efforts in Chang'an ascribed, while also concerned about product quality control.

NO.2 Great Wall Motor

2015 annual sales: 753,200

    2015 can be said that the outbreak of the SUV models, according to data by the Federation, 2016 SUV, overall sales 6,220,300, an increase of 52.39 percent, the growth rate in the major models in the first category. As China's largest SUV manufacturer Great Wall Motor in 2015 can be said to earn pours.


    According to Great Wall Motor announced December sales newsletter shows 2015 Great Wall Motor SUV overall sales 699 000, accounting for 92.8% of all passenger car sales, Great Wall Motor is the main contributor. Haval H6 which sold 373,200, up 18.17%, long-term stable domestic SUV sales champion status, Hafer H2 sales 168 500, an increase of 241.36%, Great Wall Motor is the second largest contributor. In addition to these two models, the new car sales also led to the Great Wall car sales rose a key, like Harvard H1, Harvard H9, Haval H8 end of the 2014 or 2015 models listed in the sales are made good results.

    SUV sales with the relative, the overall decline in car sales, according to the Great Wall car sales Letters show, Great Wall Motor sold only 54,200 cars throughout the year, down 41.77%, for the situation of the Great Wall, many media also showed a deep concern. In this regard, the story is somewhat different view king. Today, SUV sales began increasingly popular, from the market performance, this is not the moment to stimulate the market, but consumer demand for large space, high sitting position, high vision, high demand for such models through sexual decisions. Great Wall Motor as a private enterprise, both in funding and in the productive capacity of the state-owned enterprises so far and can not be compared Chang'an, if you want to take into account both sedan and SUV, appears to be the increased ability to resist risks, but taking into account its R & D capability and capacity situation, but they are actually disguised weakened their strengths in the SUV field, which is determined to become the world's Great Wall Motor SUV leader's strategy is contradictory. As a young private enterprises, contrarian, although valuable, but the risk is too great, it would be better to homeopathy for real, and so to keep up with production and R & D team to grow, have to consider both sides of the battle is also not a bad idea.

NO.3 Geely Automobile

2015 annual sales: 542,700

  By 2015, Geely Automobile has finally ushered in his "lucky" of the year, not only ushered in a substantial rise in sales, brand building Geely also began to shape their own "best" image.


    And Great Wall Motor. Instead, it comes from the sales of Geely cars category. According to data by the Federation in 2015 Imperial EC7 Geely annual sales 206,226, up 24.8%, long-term annual sales of 121,969, an increase of 218.3 percent, these two cars Geely sales rose main hero. In addition, Geely Bory since listing, sales also began to rise, when in December 2015, had risen to 5504, annual sales of 32,562, although overall sales is not high, but the success of the brand out of China ascribed the first step, for enhancing the brand image is huge.

    According to previous exposure of the message Geely, 2016, Geely will deliberately force in the SUV market, 吉利博 also more exposed end of the experiment, snow test drive and other information, it should be in the final stages of debugging, I believe that soon will be listed. For this car, the story that the king should take the Geely Bory and ascribed the same route, such a strategy will help enhance their brand image, but to boost sales on the role should not be too large. Geely currently most lacking is a can on the amount of SUV models, if they can launch a CS75 as the amount SUV, I believe Geely in 2016 will be more eye-catching performance.

NO.4 Chery Automobile

2015 sales: 464,700

    As a former lead brother, mingled today's situation, I believe that Chery Automobile himself reconciled. From the sales of Chery, the largest of its 2015 sales rely on the Tiggo and FY series, where growth is most clearly Tiggo 3, its full-year sales of 120,357, an increase of 12.1%, Tiggo 5 decline compared to last year , the annual sales of 67,984, Chery 2 hatchback in 2015 performed well overall rose 60.3% to 58,407, the performance of other models is not rosy.

    For this performance Chery Automobile, Jun story that has many causes. The first is for their own brand building and not much substantive progress. As before sales boss, Chery has enough capital upward development, but in recent years around the first Chery great bend in the models, the other in the brand building there is no contribution, in today's highly competitive automotive market, Chery It lost its greatest rely on. Second, the product allowed conservative defeat in the competition. 2015, other car prices new car be released or marketed, Great Wall Motor has Hover H1, Haval H8, H9 and Harvard Haval H6 Coupe new cars and many other support, Geely has Bory shape the image of Imperial for sales, BYD Tang, Song, etc. new car market to earn a reputation, not only what happened in the Chery car, and the upgrading of the models also quite obviously slow, Tiggo 3 Tiggo 5 Both had hot models until near the end when it ushered in upgrading, configuration upgrade these two car sales began to rise sharply, if some of the time earlier, perhaps Chery sales this year would not be so bad, right? The third is wasted too much energy in the joint brand. Land Rover, the concept of causing the two brands in the hands of Chery did not show how dazzling achievements, actually because of quality problems and frequent replacement of senior leadership, so Chery ignored their own development, rather some more harm than good.

NO.5 BYD Auto

2015 sales: 455,400

  By 2015, BYD new energy trend by a fire, not only BYD Qin repeatedly won the sales champion of new energy and BYD in the world can be considered the row number of the car prices. However, from 2015 sales of BYD's case, the main contributor is still derived from conventional cars. Among them, the contribution of the BYD F3, BYD S7 two cars maximum, respectively 143 453 and 110 074, accounted for more than half of the share of total sales; Biyaditang since listing, by new wind energy sales also began to rise , monthly sales have now stabilized at around 4000; BYD Song listed in three months, also showed a good momentum in December, has risen to 6199, the future is likely to become, together with S7 BYD two pillars in the SUV market models.

    Do the battery started BYD advantages in the new energy is unparalleled, which also makes BYD smooth sailing in the development of new energy vehicles, which gave its laid a solid technical foundation. However, the technical background of BYD and too paranoid, always adhere to its own technology development strategy for the king, the emphasis on appearance obviously is not high, which also makes its wealth although the configuration of the car, though the car at an affordable price, but it is always sold However Changan, Great Wall of these car prices. From 2015 sales, in addition to the F3 generation models outside, like BYD S7 is listed from the end of 2014, Tang is from 2015 listed song is from the end of 2015 the market, it can be said BYD sales of about half of the It comes from the contribution of the new car. Like the food, as people like to eat the color, flavor and taste, BYD cooking effort is good, but a lot worse in hue, people do not like to see such food to eat natural sales is not good. Fortunately, BYD has begun to realize this defect, BYD Song style to give a greater degree change, and exposure BYD BYD Yuan and Han Yan also has a good value, if BYD can effectively make up for their shortcomings, I believe the future the development is still very rewarding.

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