"Made in China "finally knocking door to the US car market

  Foreign media, open Volvo (Volvo, Buick (Buick and Cadillac (Cadillac of three new models of the hood, at first glance does not "Made in China" (China-made labels, but they are manufactured and exported the first batch of Chinese to US models, groundbreaking in the automotive industry.

  According to the US "New York Times" website reported January 29, it is now Sweden's Volvo China Geely's brand, which has shipped more than S60 Inscription 1000.

  Buick eager to fill its product line compact crossover this most conspicuous gaps, for this will import Ang Kewei (Envision.

  In January, China announced that it would also Cadillac's new flagship sedan CT6 import plug-in hybrid version, as its Detroit - Hamtramck plant Standard Edition supplement.

  It reported that Chinese-made cars landing, so that surprised some Americans, especially the UAW (United Automobile Workers, referred to the leaders of the UAW, their GM (General Motors from July this year began selling the Buick Ang Kewei decided against it.

  But this is a long promised, but has not been implemented in the vision come true, it is the case in 2007 when a sharp contrast, when the Chinese car dealers flocked to the American Auto Show, a bold commitment to the United States soon opened showroom.

  It reported, but their products are mainly low-priced cars, mostly obsolete and humble, perhaps even less secure. While other companies have been in Guangzhou Automobile try to do, but Chinese brand car has not knocked on the door of the US market.

  After that, the situation has changed. Global carmakers and Chinese counterparts, including the production of cars, including BMW and Buick, these relatively high-end models including women and children around the world. Volvo is synonymous with safety, after Geely bought it, have a trusted brand.

  It reported that, for consumers, a Chinese car is still unknown, but we started on Japanese car imports - and, later, Mexican cars and Korean cars - also had doubts.

  AutoWeb editor Michael Harley (Michael Harley said top car manufacturers have solved the puzzle of global manufacturing, they understand that the US auto showroom how to face risks.

  "When modern (Hyundai Korean car to the United States the first, did not realize what will be here to suffer scrutiny, poor quality almost smashed a modern brand," Harley said. "Today, as Volvo and General Motors brands like We know that they have to provide world-class products for American consumers, in addition no other way. "

  Last November, Aaron Ereli Love (Aaron Ezrilov is one of the first American-made car driving. Beginning he did not realize it until the signing of the Volvo S60 Inscription purchase agreement, the salesman told he, he discovered. Eric Love, director of federal solutions Resolute Partners company, Volvo has been a loyal user when he had a moment of anxiety. but then, he often driving the car, from California canyon Lake home departure, through the canyon, go to San Juan Capistrano, he liked the car.

  "Door 'spat' about to shut, could not find any glitches, and no defects on the decoration," Ereli Love said he put a very good impression of the car, so he gave his mother to buy a car.

  Katarina Feiyueerding (Katarina Fjording Volvo vice president of purchasing and manufacturing America, she participated in the construction work of the Volvo factory in Chengdu, China.

  "When I go to China, there will be what happens harbor some doubts, especially that in a remote area," she said. "But the facts have proven many times that I was wrong."

  Feiyueerding said the biggest challenge is to encourage Chinese cultural workers to suggest improvements, without having to worry about negative effects.

  "Their comments like that is not very natural, but now they are doing very well and you could tell they were very happy, you can listen to them feel happy."

  It reported that some workers in Chengdu automobile plant worked before in order to have a better work and life, where they are willing to move thousands of miles beyond.

  "Building a good reputation takes a long time, it requires the destruction day, so for us, the production of low-quality product does not make any sense," Feiyueerding said.

  It reported that for GM's Buick brand, the Chinese market is pushing its 112-year history of the best wave of sales momentum, but the United States is an exception: Last year, Buick made in China and sold hundreds of vehicles, in the United States has only 223,000. Accordingly, vice president of sales Buick Duncan Aldred (Duncan Aldred said that, given the Americans more and more like a small crossover, the award-winning Chinese-made SUV 昂科威 exports to the United States, but also logical thing.

  "This is the biggest selling category, we need to be involved," he said.

  Aldred said the United States is, after all, consumers concerned about product design and performance, rather than their place of assembly.

  "This iPhone model is the same. Most of the population pocket Chuaizhuo iPhone, people spend a high price to buy it." Aldred said. iPhone is manufactured in China.

  Harley said US consumers value the brand, rather than origin.

  "Germany is South Carolina manufacturing cars, but no one said you drive manufactured in South Carolina BMW," Harley said. "It's still the German car, as long as the same or better quality, consumers will not care."

  Ereli Krumlov agree with this view, he said he is not concerned with Volvo's origin, but its performance, and it can be stuffed under the back seat taller than six feet teenage son.

  "I believe that fair trade," Ereli said Love.

  Argument that globalization has not wavered UAW Vice President Cindy Estrada (Cindy Estrada's position. She said, GM could have to go to China for the world's largest auto market, producing products, but the company breaking the repeated statements of commitment "made in selling products of local products." last fall, Estrada led a negotiation, at the last minute arrival of a strike deadline, GM agreed to sign a four-year employment contract.

  "If you want to rebuild the company, employees who want to invest, you will not go to China to introduce into production," Estrada said. "We are accountable to them so that they produce cars here."

  Aldred replied, Buick has been investing in the US manufacturing sector, including the Buick in Detroit - the production of the new LaCrosse sedan Hamtramck plant. He said Buick headquarters, including global design and engineering department, will always remain in the Detroit suburbs.

  "We are a proud American brand, is the US auto industry's oldest companies, but also in the international success of the enterprise," he said.

  Volvo respect in the world, rushing Feiyueerding faced with the next challenge: to introduce the brand to South Carolina. She is for the construction of the first American factory to make efforts to Volvo plans to produce a new generation 2018 S60.

  She said that a target has been set: if South Carolina product quality of this plant, made Volvo to achieve the level of the company "absolutely" satisfied.

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