Autohome 2015 passenger car Quality Report(1)

    At the end of 2014, when Autohome Ipsos conducted jointly with "passenger car Quality Report 2014," the release, causing widespread concern in the industry. We do better in 2015, currently on the market for sales of new cars the quality of the latest round of the survey. It is worth mentioning that the survey we use Autohome latest quality evaluation system to carry out, in the following we will explain to you the more comprehensive system.

    According to the survey results, we made this a "passenger car home in 2015 Initial Quality Report", by which we can understand the current report specific quality performance of new cars. Then in 2015 in which brand or cars to get good quality netizens verdict? Here we look at together. Today is our first article in this series, we will bring you the brand piece situation.


  Before you read this article, we first explain to you about the latest quality evaluation system "Autohome 2015 passenger car quality report" series adopted, research programs, indicators used, reading methods and evaluation criteria.

★ Autohome's quality evaluation system introduced:

Autohome's quality assessment is based on products from the owner's car ownership period for research vehicle mass condition, the automotive industry through a common calculation method and automotive quality standard analytical commentary given situation.

Autohome quality evaluation is intended to provide a reference for buyers to choose a car users, while helping car makers to understand customer feedback, constantly optimize the product, to enhance the experience. Collecting research samples, establish and improve audit sample system, all aspects of the core data calculation, the home of quality assessment cars always adhere real, objective, scientific approach to ensure the fair and equitable assessment of the data.

★ Research program / sample introduction


  Our survey is a true Autohome car owners, who in the past 2-12 months, had bought the car. From the sample point of view, this we received a total of 23,751 valid samples.

★ Index System


  In order to better measure the quality of the vehicle, we will vehicle problems that may arise subdivided into nine major categories, more than 200 secondary indicators, by detailed target setting, users are able to restore the true problem.

Read the instructions: Evaluation criteria using industry-common way of PPH


  In order to assess the quality level of a specific car lines, we have adopted a common industry PPH (Problem per Hundred) approach. This value represents the number per 100 vehicles in failure. PPH as a car of the 231, this value represents the number of faults per 100 vehicles emerged as 231. Reports appearing score ranking statistics are for samples greater than or equal to 30 brands / manufacturers, less than the minimum statistic brand / manufacturer does not participate in horizontal comparison, the score does not show.

   Calculation: car hundred cars fault number = corresponds to the total number of failures ÷ cars all persons involved in the evaluation of the sum × 100, the lower the score, the lower the number of faults goods on behalf of the brand / vendor, the better the quality; the higher the score on behalf of the brand / the higher the number of manufacturers of product failure.

NOTE: The following relates to specific performance rankings, we show only the industry average over the brand

● Overall quality performance car industry


● China brand new car quality performance ranking


● A joint venture brand new car quality performance ranking


● The performance of joint venture companies Initial Quality Ranking


● Top quality performance imported brand new car


  Also from this since you except through "word of mouth" for respect of the vehicle space, power, fuel consumption, cost the owner satisfaction evaluation, but also through our pages to know your situation concerned about the quality of the vehicle, and it all comes from the feedback on the first time after the purchase of millions of real owners. Well, from our page, how do you understand it? (Note: The above list of our data as of August 31, 2015, with the product in real-time calculation of the gap may exist, please note.)


    Through word of mouth cars page, users can click to see [distribution] failure to enter the fault details page for car system in nine categories that appear in accounting failures. Users can also click on the histogram distribution ratio [failure] to view the problem under each category segmentation fault occur at all levels, user-friendly and more intuitive understanding of failure.


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