Audi A4L Shipping 111 500 luxury mid-size car price list

    We will bring you six high degree of concern in the luxury car's price information, are basically familiar figure: the Audi A4L, the BMW 3 Series, Mercedes C-Class, Cadillac ATS-L, Infiniti and Volvo S60L Q50L. If you are interested in luxury midsize cars and plan to buy it, I hope this article can choose your car buyers have a certain reference.


豪华中型车 降价排行
ModelsMSRP(万元)Discount rate(万元)cut off
Benz C31.48-59.902.509.2
Infiniti Q50L27.98-42.986.488.4
BMW 328.30-60.7810.998.1
AUDI A4L27.28-57.8111.158.0
Volvo S60L26.69-55.996.507.9
Cadillac ATS-L28.88-42.889.207.9

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