Foreign media: Chinese electric car market jumped to first in the world

Foreign media said that China will surpass the US as the world's new energy vehicle market.


According to South Korea, "Chosun Ilbo" website reported February 24, in December 2015, China's new energy auto companies Leaders Summit held in Beijing, Deputy Secretary General of China Association of Automobile meeting Xu Yanhua said confidently: "new energy vehicles in China in 2015 the sales will surpass the United States. "


US business magazine "Forbes" in January cited China Association of Automobile Manufacturers as saying:. "China has become the world's largest electric car market in 2015," China is not only in electric car sales, production has also become the world's first electric car power.


It reported that China's "Rise of electric car" has begun. According to the National Passenger Car Information Co, in 2015 China's electric car sales rose 2-fold surge. Chinese electric car market just four years before 2011 (9904) as compared to surge more than 20 times. Between the last two to three years, the Chinese electric vehicle market are 300% -400% of the astonishing annual growth rate.


But the outside world evaluation of China's auto industry is still "behind the international brand for decades." According to international market research firm IHS, the domestic market share of Chinese-made cars only 7%, the proportion of imported cars and joint venture vehicle were 25% and 68%.


China's auto industry has never been recent phenomenon. According to Chinese website Sohu automobiles and cars KOTRA (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency) Nanjing Trade Center, Chinese car brand BYD in January 2015 to October period cumulative sales of electric vehicles in the world ranking jumped to first place. Although the Chinese local brands still in its infancy, but can be expressed in the electric vehicle market is excellent because the Chinese government's strong support behind.


And past car policy is different is that the Chinese government is not only the implementation of policies to promote industrial development. 2017 Chinese government will gradually reduce subsidies for electric vehicles, 2021 will be completely abolished subsidies.


It reported that has been proven to have the international competitiveness of Chinese IT giant inroads into the electric vehicle market, capital and innovation capability together.


January 2016, at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas became the "Tesla competitors," the FaradayFuture single-seater electric sports car is the most representative example. FaradayFuture Nevada built factories, but its actual controlling person is a Chinese version of Youtube "Music Watch," the entrepreneur Jia Yueting.


Chinese electric car on the road to power is not without obstacles. For example, the local electric car manufacturers, said: "When you set up a charging station, management of up to more than 80 government departments, the procedures are very complicated," "customer because no place to recharge and to abandon the purchase of up to 50%." If the Chinese local brands disappear before the government subsidies have not yet par with the international brand competitiveness, the electric car market, "China Dream" this is likely to come to naught.

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