Sale 17.99-24.99 ten thousand yuan Malibu XL officially listed

February 27, 2016, SAIC-GM snow Folan Malibu XL officially listed in Shenzhen. Malibu as cash replacement model, the new car based on the new platform to build, and for the exterior, interior, power and other aspects of a comprehensive upgrade. The launch of the new car market 1.5T and 2.5L engines equipped with six models, the price range of 17.99-24.99 yuan. Price details please see table below:

Chevrolet MalibuXL 指导售价
1.5T 双离合锐享版17.99
1.5T 双离合锐驰版19.49
1.5T 双离合锐尚版20.99
1.5T 双离合锐耀版21.99
2.5L 锐尚版21.99
2.5L 锐尊版24.99

● Features new car

Overall shape is more lenient stretch / fastback design is bright

  Compared with the current model, Malibu XL has changed reborn in appearance. First, from the front of the vehicle, the car family double flatter grille, headlights, also set up by the cash Malibu style shape to the flat design, and this change further widened the front of the visual effects. Both sides of the front bumper, Malibu XL is equipped with L-shaped LED daytime running lights, front lower bumper air kit also enhance certain sense of movement.

  From the side of the body, the Malibu XL waist design more mellow, compared to cash Malibu whole giving the impression that a lot of stretch. At the same time, the transition to the trunk of the car roof smoother, thus forming the overall shape of the fastback. The tail, the new car tail changed cash Malibu Founder designed rear light clusters also sharp shape a lot, its trunk upturned edge treatment effect also formed a small spoiler, sporty more prominent.

Chevrolet console using the latest design / configuration of a high level

  Malibu XL from the point of view of the interior, the overall use of the car console symmetrical design, dark brown and golden sand colors also make the car more stylish atmosphere. Familiar with the domestic version of the Cruze a new generation of consumers will not be unfamiliar, Malibu XL center console and the steering wheel has the same shape as their design style, feel compared to the current model, giving a more youthful overall design of the center console. At the same time, the car in the details also have a lot of movement of improvements, including the accelerator pedal with aluminum trim and SPORT driving mode.

  In the configuration, Malibu XL also has a relatively good performance, the car the whole system comes standard with LED daytime running lights, active grille, smart keyless entry, former Apple CarPlay vehicle interconnected system, common patent FNC ventilated brakes, panoramic sunroof, electronic vehicle stability system, hill-start assist, brake thermal recession assist, vehicle rescue and other configurations. The model is also equipped with high 8-inch multi-touch LCD screen, OnStar 4G LTE, onboard Wi-Fi, BOSE-theater speaker premium sound system 9, ANC active noise reduction system and other equipment.

Wheelbase increased 92mm / performance space law-abiding


  First, from the point of view of body size, Malibu XL length and breadth were 4923/1854 / 1477mm, with a wheelbase of 2829mm, compared to cash Malibu wheelbase increased by 92mm. Then reflected in the passenger space point of view, through the actual experience of the previous editor, height 185cm experience will be adjusted to a minimum after the front seat, the head space of a punch; the relative positions of the front seats down unchanged to the rear, the rear legroom is more than a punch, the head space of four fingers, passenger space quite satisfactory.

  In terms of storage space, depending on Malibu XL line models, which Lee compartment volume is slightly different, wherein a volume of 520 liters models 2.5L, 1.5T models 505 liters, compared to cash Malibu trunk 544 liter volume has decreased. At the same time, the number of compartments inside the car much, but the actual use of the previous editor, the storage box is more reasonable position, using the process fairly smoothly.

1.5T / 2.5L two power for the election / or with a seven-speed dual-clutch six-speed automatic transmission


  Malibu XL power system has been fully upgraded, the new car will offer two engine options, including the 1.5T turbocharged engine and 2.5L naturally aspirated engine, 1.5T engine maximum power of 170 horsepower and peak torque of 252 Nm; 2.5L engine maximum power of 200 horsepower and peak torque of 253 Nm. Transmission side, with the 1.5T engine matched to a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, 2.5L engine matched to a 6-speed manual gearbox.

● Price

  In the market, we have learned from some parts dealer, Malibu XL has now started to accept reservations, deposit generally in 3000-10000 yuan, is expected to mention car cycle is about 10-20 days or so. Meanwhile, parts of auto show has a small car to the shop, you can also go to the store experience.

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