The new DS 3 of the actual vehicle exposure

In 2016, before the opening of the Geneva Motor Show, the new DS to shoot us in advance of the actual vehicle of FIG. 3, the new car compared to the old models in addition to the front face replacement DS brand LOGO, but also for the configuration of the adjustment.

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    Appearance section, the new DS3 / DS3 Cabriolet focused front styling were minor modifications, the new car uses the DS brand new brand LOGO. In addition, the two cars are also equipped with LED headlamps, the new shape of the wheels, body color and provide more choices for consumers.

雪铁龙(进口) DS 3 2016款 基本型

雪铁龙(进口) DS 3 2016款 基本型

Power, the two cars out of the power equipment follow the old models, powered by a 1.6L naturally aspirated engine outside, they also added a sports version of the model, which is equipped with an output of 211 horsepower 1.6THP engine, while the new car is also equipped with sports suspension, ride height lowered 15mm

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