Peugeot midsize SUV 6008 Spy Shots

    Recently, some foreign media for the first time to capture the Peugeot 6008 models camouflage spy photos. The car is positioned as a mid-sized SUV, and will provide five and seven seat version of the model, it is learned that the car will be officially released in 2017.

  From spy, Peugeot 6008 vehicle sticker whole body is wrapped in camouflage more closely, it is very limited to what we show design details, but still can be seen from the overall shape, the Peugeot 6008 is more full body design, and has a traditional SUV styling proportions.

  It is reported that 6008 will be based on PSA Peugeot Group EMP2 modular platform to build, but the car's dynamic information is currently limited. Peugeot will launch a mid-sized SUV 6008 the news had leaked in early 2013, but in addition to an imaginary figure, the car did not have more technical details outflow, as this prototype spy photos of the exposure, but also indicates that car models officially entered the amount of prenatal testing phase. For more information about the car, let us focus on it.

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