Mercedes-Benz has been charged in the United States suspected of diesel emissions exceeding

According to the US law firm Hagens Berman said the Mercedes - Benz car company in the United States were recently prosecuted a Mercedes BlueTEC diesel car owners, the owner said, Mercedes - Benz intends to make cleaner diesel emissions exceeding .

Since September last year, the Volkswagen Group admitted cheating in diesel exhaust emissions test since, diesel manufacturers on the cusp. Currently more than public under scrutiny, many other carmakers emissions problems exposed in front of the crowd; so far has been a lot about the other diesel models exceeding emissions reports, Mercedes - Benz is involved in the emissions event one car prices.

That many diesel car owners for their own vehicle emissions exceeding expressed dissatisfaction, decided to sue rather than wait for the appropriate car prices car prices to compensate. After the mass class action lawsuit, Mercedes - Benz in the United States has also been one of them sued the owner of the car prices charged to consciously make BlueTEC diesel NOx emissions higher than the statutory emissions. The owner said in a statement that in fact a road test show, Mercedes-Benz clean diesel vehicles actually mean road NOx emissions for the US legal standard of 19 times, instantaneous emissions or exceeded 65 times.

This lawsuit was classified as New Jersey (New Jersey) 18th District Court files, Mercedes - Benz car company called the lawsuit no basis in fact. The company spokesman said the Mercedes - Benz will conduct emissions testing, and to defend himself.

 The Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research for the Mercedes-Benz C220 CDI had previously done a test, the test results show that the model does not comply with emissions regulations; however Daimler Automotive Group has repeatedly denied the existence of cheating in the emissions test.

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