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    Let electric vehicle charging during driving sounds like a bold idea, Qualcomm would want to do. According to foreign media reports, Qualcomm is developing a "Dynamic wireless charging" technology to alleviate the driver's range anxiety: just drove on the highway, you can enjoy the scenery along the way to the car while charging.

    Derek Aberle, president of Qualcomm in the recent Mobile World Conference, said, "In the future there may be charging device, when electric cars on the road, will be automatically charged on the road." The basic principle of this technique with the current mobile charging device most people use is similar to the charging plate is attached to a road or parking space.

    "This technology has many advantages, will bring virtually unlimited endurance mileage of electric vehicles. In addition, many people forget to go home at night to charge the car, woke up in the morning found that the battery is no electricity, this technology will solve this kind of problem. "Aberle this explanation.

    In 2014, Qualcomm's first electric Formula One World Championship (Formula E)) in Release Halo vehicle wireless charging system. Halo wireless charging system consists of four parts: power supply module, charging plate, receiving plate and vehicle onboard controllers. Its principle is to use magnetic resonance energy transfer surface to achieve the effect charging the electric vehicle charging plate and between the plates, and thus electric or hybrid vehicle battery pack non-contact charging.

    Owners need only to vehicles parked in the charging side panel can be realized charge, Halo wireless charging system for up to 90% efficient charging efficiency, charging efficiency than cable. Halo wireless charging system for power up to 20kW, full of Tesla MODEL S P85 85kWh battery pack in less than five hours.

    Aberle represents Halo wireless charging (static wireless charging technology) will be applied the next 2-3 years in your car. Qualcomm is working with car manufacturers Daimler - Chrysler cooperation for the automotive install "new generation" static wireless charging system.

    Dynamic wireless charging technology is the advanced version of Halo wireless charging. Qualcomm said future plans will charge wireless transmitters buried under the pavement, the electric car can travel side in these sections, while charging. However, this gave a moving car wireless charging, requiring the road infrastructure to transform costly takes time.

    Intel has plans to deploy a wireless laptop charging systems in airports, restaurants and other public places, because of the need to transform the infrastructure and resisted, progress has been slow.

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