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  26, held in Beijing this year, the first phase of a small passenger car Yaohao. Under the new regulations, new energy vehicles Yaohao no longer direct configuration, the configuration of the total during the year does not exceed 60,000. Earlier, the State Department has repeatedly said the new energy vehicles shall not limit line restriction, Beijing imposed total control policy is contrary to the spirit of the State Council? 26, the Beijing Municipal Traffic Commission members Rong Jun said that the new energy policy has been submitted to the total automobile control the State Council.

  According to the latest indicators of small passenger management policies, demonstration and application of new energy buses indicators Yaohao little longer, after the qualification can be configured directly, not the total configuration of more than 60,000 years. 26 am, demonstration and application of new energy passenger cars were equipped with the first phase of the individual indicators 12214, the total annual amounat of configuration 51000 of 24 per cent; the unit is configured with 1819 index, the total annual amount of configuration 3000 61% .

  To promote the development of new energy vehicles, the State Department has repeatedly said the new energy vehicles shall not limit line restriction. Then the configuration of new energy vehicles is a violation of the State Council, Beijing implemented the relevant spirit? 26 am, after the small passenger configuration indicators work, the Beijing Municipal Traffic Commission members Rong Jun told Beijing Times reporter, implementation of new energy passenger cars annual target control policy, the actual departure from Beijing, the implementation of the State Council on Accelerating the development of automobile industry, new energy and the decision to deploy the application, taking into account ease congestion and environmental problems specific initiatives, has been submitted to the State Council.

  Rong Jun mentioned that Beijing vehicle fleet capacity, traffic congestion and severe situation, we must implement a number of small passenger cars and orderly growth. In the orderly growth and encourage the purchase of new energy vehicles supporting the construction of charging facilities, and gradually increase the small passenger car index of new energy index in the year the proportion of the total quota, while more attention should be paid to encourage and guide units and individuals, as well as public transport industry services, etc., updated stock car, replace the existing gasoline vehicles for the new energy vehicles.

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  Over three adults enjoy more than five times the success rate of all the success rate of population decline ladder

  It is understood that the total amount of ordinary small passenger car index decrease of 30,000 compared with last year, were lower before all applicants sign comparison. Reporters learned from small passenger car Yaohao site, 2.59 million lottery application army, 843,000 applicants item more than five times the success rate. Which so far has not checked in since the lottery first phase of a total of 1.5 million people, about 0.6 per cent of the total.

  This year, the general success rate minibus Advanced rules are changed as a benchmark within six success rate, doubling every 6 midterm participate Yaohao success rate. Yesterday, a small passenger car index office released data, as of the previous period, the general population should be a multiple of the highest success rate as a benchmark rate nine times, a total of 14931 people. Another 10 people with disabilities enjoy 10 times the benchmark rate. Additional enjoy 1-8 times the success rate of the population were 537,000, 533,000, 373,000, 303,000, 339,000, 211,000, 148,000, 130,000.

  Which enjoy more than five times the benchmark rate a total of 84.3 million people, 33.3% of the total. However, even enjoy times the benchmark rate, by reducing the impact of aggregate indicators, all the crowd stepped rate declined to sign. 9 times the benchmark rate of the population from the previous 50: 1 to drop 74: 1. The public Mr. Zhao and his wife were involved in a car Yao Hao, Zhao period for the first 25 lottery, will get 50 times the benchmark rate, which signed ratio is 133: 1, which is signed in accordance with the old ratio of about 100: 1. His wife is the current seventh lottery, can enjoy 2 times the benchmark rate, which was signed more than 333: 1, and its success on the ratio of 205: 1.

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