Autohome Initial car Quality Inventory

    "Automobile" for the average consumer can justifiably claim to big-ticket items, which in the course of daily use whether "reliable child" has become a bit of concern of consumers. In order to show "car" in the commodity markets overall quality, Autohome in accordance with the quality of authentic assessment of new-vehicle owners within six months experience, the use of several hundred cars fault (PPH) The evaluation system restore multiple dimension of automotive quality performance. So in the current models in the sale, the quality of most consumer feedback on what part? What level of quality and the best car? With today's "new car quality home inventory of cars," you will understand.

  The initial quality survey inventory from real car home owners, they are 2 - within 12 months of private car users, and is the main user of the vehicle, the number of samples collected qualified to 38813. Meanwhile, in order to better measure the mass of the vehicle, the vehicle will be problems that may arise subdivided into nine major categories, a total of more than 200 secondary indicators set.

  Overall, "the process of moving" (with which the process is mainly with quality problems, such as excessive wind noise, shift frustrated, abnormal sound, etc.) this one to stand out in the PPH 71 scoring nine evaluation dimensions, and this also shows that in the process of moving exposed quality issues in the domestic consumers the highest proportion, followed by, respectively, as "appearance of the body" and "interior."

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  Divided by level models, PPH bottom score for the micro car. By the overall quality performance of this dimension can also be found, the larger the size of the vehicle, the higher the level, the better its quality performance, and this law also reflects the current domestic market is approximately proportional to the positioning and sale of quality performance models.

  Down to the SUV models, the overall quality and performance of a large SUV better, PPH low score of 90. In stark contrast to recent years, the market is more popular small SUV, the overall quality of their performance is not satisfactory, PPH score of only 305, ranked the SUV segment as a whole PPH score the last one.

  In a country based on the PPH score, the Chinese brand has become a target of public criticism, its PPH score of 411 in the remaining nine countries, the highest quality and poor performance and mainstream level gap significantly. Sweden, Japan and South Korea are the first three countries performed better quality, ie lower by three countries car brand failure rate.

  In geographical distribution, located in the western region of Gansu and Qinghai provinces, the quality of new cars more feedback. With a convenient location close to the southeast coastal economically developed provinces, new car quality feedback significantly lower than other regions, the better the performance vehicle quality provinces are Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu and other places.

  As the saying goes, "a penny stock", this sentence in order to model the price dimension statistics until well verified, which priced at less than $ 50,000 Initial Quality worst performer, PPH score up to 540. With the increase of prices, the failure rate to gradually reduce their vehicles, such as the quality of the performance of more than 250,000 models did not differ significantly.

  Summary: This article from the point of view, "the process of moving" consumer new car Tucao most part, the quality and performance of micro-car and small SUV also failed to achieve satisfactory results, while China brand new car quality in a country still divided dimension is the greatest. Hope that through this article, you can make the quality of the new car market in the current understanding and look forward to the new car quality in the domestic market to the next level, consumers can enjoy more excellent high quality new products.

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