State Council: To promote a number of observations used car to facilitate transactions

Recently, the State Council formally issued the Opinions on Promoting facilitate used car transactions, including the strengthening of the free circulation of second-hand car market, used car trade to further improve the registration and management, as well as increase financial support services and so on. Specific information is as follows:

Guo Ban Fa [2016] No. 13

Provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, wagons, directly under the agency:

The auto industry is important to the national economy strategic pillar industry, is a steady growth in key areas to expand consumption. Currently, car ownership in China more than 170 million, second-hand car market potential is huge. However, second-hand car trading is not convenient, information opacity and other problems have constrained the used car consumption. To facilitate used car trade, prosperous second-hand car market, creating more for the new car consumer market space, and related services to drive the development of auto parts, maintenance, insurance, etc., with the consent of the State Council, made the following observations:

First, create a free flow of second-hand car market. People all over the government to strictly implement the "State Council on the prohibition of regional blockade in market economic activities specified" (State Council Decree No. 303), shall make implementation of immigration policies to limit second-hand car. In line with the national emission standards for motor vehicles and safety, environmental protection and validity of periodic inspection of used car inspection within the validity period can apply for immigration formalities, the state encourages and requires the phase-out out of the vehicle and the relevant country specific focus on regional air pollution prevention and control (Beijing Tianjin and Hebei: Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Yangtze River Delta: Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, the Pearl River Delta: Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Foshan, Jiangmen, Zhaoqing, Huizhou, Dongguan, Zhongshan and other nine cities), except with special requirements. Used car restrictions have been implemented to move policy areas, should be abolished before the end of May 2016. (Around the people's government)

Second, to further improve the used car trade registration and management. Integration of second-hand car trading, tax, insurance and registration processes, to carry out a one-stop service for qualified used car market approach to implement the service. Used car trading simplify registration procedures, can not increase the limit violations processing conditions. Optimize service processes, the implementation of remote trading second-hand car registration, vehicle location convenient counterparties in transactions directly for registration. (Ministry of Commerce in conjunction with the Ministry of Public Security, State Administration of Taxation, China Insurance Regulatory Commission is responsible in accordance with the division of responsibilities)

Third, accelerate the improvement of the flow of used car information platform. Used car flow of information to establish the working mechanism, actively integrating existing resources to enhance interoperability and information sharing, speed up the establishment of information system covering production, sales, registration, inspection, maintenance, repair, insurance, and other automotive scrap the whole life cycle. Non-confidential, non-private information society should be open, easy to query, information services comply with the relevant national requirements can be market-oriented operation, already qualified industry information to further increase opening up. (Ministry of Commerce Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Environmental Protection, Ministry of Transport, the CIRC is responsible in accordance with the division of responsibilities)

Fourth, strengthen the body second-hand car market credit system construction. Legally collect second-hand car market, distribution companies, auction companies, appraisal and evaluation institutions, service companies and credit information to other market players, the establishment of second-hand car market players credit history, into the national credit information sharing platform, and in accordance with the relevant provisions in a timely manner in the enterprise credit information publicity system and "credit China" website be made public, to facilitate social queries and applications. (Ministry of Commerce, the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Environmental Protection, Ministry of Transport, Taxation, Business Administration, according to the China Insurance Regulatory Commission is responsible for the division of responsibilities)

Fifth, optimize the used car trade tax policy. In accordance with the "unified tax, fair tax burden, promoting fair competition" principle, combined with fully open camp changed to increase the pilot to further optimize the used car trade taxation policies, while strengthening the tax administration used car trade. (Ministry of Finance, State Administration of Taxation in accordance with the division of responsibilities)

Sixth, increase financial support services. Used car trade increased credit support, easier access to credit, simplifying credit procedures. Support for used car loans, used car loans down due to lower proportion. Accelerate the development of second-hand car trading in line with the characteristics of captive insurance products and continuously improve the level of second-hand car trading and insurance services. (China Banking Regulatory Commission, China Insurance Regulatory Commission is responsible in accordance with the division of responsibilities)

Seven, and actively promote the flow of used cars model innovation. Used car distribution businesses to promote the brand, chain management, enhance preparedness, and other value-added service capabilities and quality assurance standards. And actively guide the development of fusion under the second-hand car trading business online and offline, to encourage the development of e-commerce and auction transactions. Promote enterprises to develop new car sales used car dealership business, and actively develop car replacement business. (Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Transport in accordance with the division of responsibilities)

Eight, improve flow of used cars System Construction. To seize the "second-hand car circulation management approach" to regulate the second-hand car trading behavior, strengthen market players responsibility; to strengthen consumer protection, to ensure that the consumer be assured that the transaction convenient and comprehensive services; clear regulatory responsibilities, strengthen market supervision, regulate trade order and promote Used car market healthy and orderly development. (Department of Commerce to take charge)

All localities and departments should fully understand the used car trade facilitation and promote the importance of second-hand car circulation, strengthen organizational leadership, improve the working mechanism, strengthen the sector to work together and the upper and lower linkage, ensure that all policies and measures implemented. Each region according to the present observations, combined with the local actual research develop specific implementation plans, detailed policy measures. Ministry of Commerce and other relevant departments to promptly formulate supporting policies and concrete measures to strengthen sectoral coordination and cooperation to jointly carry out a related work.

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