Sale 9.88-15.78 ten thousand yuan Geely NL-3(BoYue) the official listing

    March 26, 2016, Geely brought its focus on building the new compact SUV model - Bo Yue, the car equipped with 2.0L and 1.8T two kinds of power, launched a total of 10 models, the price range of the new car 9.88-15.78 million, while car manufacturers will enjoy purchase tax subsidies for 4000/6000 yuan, the subsidy synchronized national policy purchase tax by half period, the subsidy after the price range of 9.48-15.18 million. See the blog post on price subsidies in the following table:

吉利博越 官方指导价
2.0L 手动智悦型9.880.409.48
2.0L 手动智尚型10.880.4010.48
 1.8TD 手动智享型10.680.4010.28
1.8TD 手动智尚型11.580.4011.18
1.8TD 手动智慧型12.980.4012.58
1.8TD 自动智尚型12.380.4011.98
1.8TD 自动智慧型13.980.6013.38
1.8TD 自动智尊型14.880.6014.28
1.8TD 自动四驱智慧型14.880.6014.28
1.8TD 自动四驱智尊型15.780.6015.18

  ● Original design rude joint venture brands

  Bo belongs to the third generation of the second vehicle of Geely, the first paragraph is released before Bory. Therefore, in the design of the blog will also use the latest family design Geely, Ripple front face, the front bumper of personality are integrated into the Chinese traditional elements, modeling particular fashion.

  On the side, the blog also uses a simple and stylish design, most of the lines are relatively flat, down the window and along the lower edge and the side of the rear door chrome trim have adopted a unified polyline style, coupled with multi-spoke style wheels, great visual effects.

  In the rear, the entire visual focus of the blog is high, the use of inverted trapezoidal rear windshield design, taillights, license plate frame, rear bumper trim, exhaust, adopted a similar trapezoid elements, creating a dynamic side.


Bo the interior design is also impressive, from the Lake of the curve above the center console arch lines, below the buttons and LCD screen are concentrated in extremely simple plaque center, the shift lever is structured around the key layout .

● configuration is enough to force


In the configuration, such as the four windows a key lift, Bluetooth phone audio output port on the driver's seat, rear and trunk 12V power supply, the air-conditioned air introduced into the center armrest, and so on. In science and technology / safety equipment, the more equipped with adaptive cruise Bo, Descent, front and rear radar systems, electronic parking brake, automatic parking, vehicle electronic stability control, automatic headlamps. As a Chinese brand SUV's masterpiece, this configuration is quite to the edge.

● Power offers two options

  Bo in power the more equipped 2.0L and 1.8T two engines, both engine's maximum power of 141 horsepower and 184 respectively horsepower. Transmission side, 2.0L and 1.8T models are equipped with a manual 6-speed manual transmission, the automatic model 1.8T is equipped with six-speed automatic transmission. Four-wheel type is equipped with NexTrac intelligence provided by BorgWarner timely four-wheel drive system.

   ● Ample interior passenger space

  We have more interior space for Bo conducted practical experience, we are concerned about the rear, legroom is 175cm tall and experience of those who exceed fists, head space also reached fists, overall performance is still very good space of.

   ● 试驾感受

  Currently, edit car home for Bo has conducted several more test drive 1.8T models, edit Reid believes that the blog gives no small surprise, right throttle adjustment; gently smooth gearbox, shift performance 6AT is kind of nice. Downshift rapid acceleration when just a little hesitation, but not serious, the transmission performance of the market has reached a high level 6AT gearbox. Daily shift gentle and decisive action, virtually no significant shift feeling. In addition, Bo more noise control is very good, mainly body soundproofing works better in low speed when the car is relatively quiet.

   ● Competitors


『CS75 / Haval H6 models are part of the participants of the competition』


Bo the positioning in a compact SUV, the market is also one of the most competitive brand market China. Like Chang'an CS75, Harvard H6, etc. will become more Bo competitors. But like Chang'an CS75 mainly 1.8T models and Bo more competitive, mainly Hover H6 1.5T and 2.4L high-feature edition models to compete with them. In addition, Chinese brands such as the concept of cause 5, Chi Chuan GS5, Landwind X7, Pentium X80, Tiggo 5, also will compete for the market with Botswana.

● Context models


August 2015, Geely officially announced a code-named compact SUV NL-3's design, which is auspicious first official announcement of this new compact SUV message. In October of that year, Geely official confirmed the car named "Bo more", and announced the official car of FIG. January 2016, Bo the real vehicle debut.

● capacity introduced

At present, the production and Bo Brilliant collinear, the first month of production capacity of about 5000, mainly in the high-allocation model and automatic model-based, new car deliveries will be started from March 27. The second half, Bo will be in the production capacity can reach 200,000 / year the new plant into operation, in order to solve the problem of capacity.

● Full summary

The second vehicle Bo more auspicious third generation of products, like the previous Bory as the car went into the public eye from the moment it caused a lot of people's attention. They are designed not only caught everyone's attention, but also because these two cars leading the auspicious reforms. In our previous experience, edited for the evaluation of the car is higher, whether it is quality, feelings, gave this car is certainly higher, but all this is just for the product concerned. Now the price of the car has been released, then this makes a lot of people praise the product is able to achieve better results in the market, whether the consumer recognition of its price, let us wait and see.

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