Man-made Jeep Freedom official figure released

    Recently, the Guangzhou Automobile? Fiat Chrysler Jeep released domestically freedom Xia official map, the new car has a regular edition and Trailhawk version of the two models, the new car will be in April? Beijing auto show debut.

  Jeep Freedom Xia appearance of small, the overall design is full of wild, very consistent with the Jeep and some taste. Trailhawk edition models with dark grille and exposed trailer hook, more domineering.

  Man free seven-hole grille front is a family classic Jeep design, the use of circular headlight design also full of retro flavor, quite a tribute to Willis Jeep meaning.

  Its interior design compact, the lower part of the air conditioning vent with the words "SINCE 1941", two-drive version of the model in front of Dangba with Jeep? Willis front design elements decorative pieces.

  Trailhawk version of the model's interior and general version of basically the same, and is equipped with four-wheel drive front Dangba driving mode selector, while according to Jeep's naming rules, Trailhawk version of the model cars have the most powerful off-road capability.

  Man-made freedom will be equipped with 1.4T and 2.0L two engines,? With two kinds of gearbox. In addition, the new car? There FWD and AWD? Optional four-wheel type sale price or less than 20 million.

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