Sharp styling Nissan Ma Chi latest generation of spy photos

    Recently, some foreign media in Spain to capture a new generation of the Nissan MICRA (named Overseas models Micra) models camouflage spy photos. Compared to the previous spy photos, this exposure models to show us more of the details of the appearance. According to previous reports, a new generation of MICRA will be opened in October this year, the Paris Motor Show officially released.

  From this exposure of the spy photos, the new generation of MICRA overall shape draws Nissan Sway concept car design style, its front face shape is quite sharp, headlight group is also more elongated shape, and use the front grill sections Multiple V-shaped design. As can be seen from the side, the rear door handles located in the new car door frame parts, it is expected to be formed hidden visual effects, while the rear lights also employ a C-shaped design, which is also Sway concept car has the same style.

  It is reported that a new generation will be based on MICRA CMDB platform to build, the power system will be powered by a 0.9L TCe turbocharged gasoline engine, the car will be coming on stream in the Renault factory in France. Ma Chi about a new generation of more news, we will continue to focus.

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