Apple reportedly has begun prototype car developed

    Recently, Apple is continuing to take from the automotive industry since its recent massive hiring professionals in action, so its no longer a big secret car project to provide support, and the latest employment activity implies it is working to develop prototype parts .

    Apple's latest hire personnel, including former employee David Masiukiewicz Tesla and others, he joined Apple this month, as its products to achieve the advanced model laboratory producer, the company's many products by this laboratory prototype.

    According Masiukiewicz profile on professional networking site LinkedIn shows that he served as the "hardware prototypes developed advanced computer numerical control programmer" during its tenure. For the switch to Apple regarding the separation, on his own Facebook page, he said: "Apple has provided me with a lot of compelling reasons."

    In recently joined Apple's products to achieve laboratory personnel, with the automotive industry as well as the background of Kevin Harvey, after reports said it has joined the company in August last year. Prior to this, he served as director of the CNC workshop Formula One team Andretti electric machinery.

    Industry pointed out that these activities may imply that Apple hired the company is committed to the development of prototype components in the product to achieve the lab, the lab has been used to develop new Mac, iOS devices and Apple's other products. At least for Apple's other products, this is the place to carry out laboratory model makers, machinists and other prototype products and components engineers work together at the same time expand their work as well as industrial and product design team and other teams.

    US technology blog 9to5mac reported earlier this week, Apple has hired former vice president of Tesla, Aston Martin Chief Engineer Chris Porritt responsible for its car project. Earlier reports said, Steve Zadesky have left from Apple earlier this year, it is learned that he is the head of its secret car project at the time worked for the company.

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