LETV super car LeSEE debut Beijing auto show

  April 25, 2016 the fourteenth session of the Beijing International Automobile Exhibition in China International Exhibition Center grand opening. As the first-ever exhibition of Internet companies, LETV with unique ecological thinking, ingenuity unique booth design and high-profile LeSEE first concept car, the media scene and the audience in the history of the most unique auto show .

  "LETV repairer announced as the world's first Internet company, today finally came to Beijing International Auto Show, we bring concentrated research and development of products after --LeSEE concept car, this is a historic moment LETV ecological car, also can be loaded a milestone in the annals of the entire automotive industry, "LETV super car co-founder, global Vice Chairman and CEO Asia Pacific, China Ding expressed at the press conference.

  LETV super car LeSEE debut Beijing auto show changes were already on the road

  LETV super car LeSEE first concept car unveiled

  In addition to the shock of the concept car unveiled at the press conference, one of the important strategic partners LETV Aston? Martin also LETV booth on the second-generation version of the United LETV car Rapide (with ginseng, pictures, RFQ) S. This car is equipped with LETV associated systems Rapid S in the US CES show world premiere, first log in China, and technology upgrades.

  ?? Aston Martin CEO Dr. Andrew Palmer also visit the conference site, and said:?.? "Aston Martin and LETV cooperation to the automotive industry has brought important changes in gene and Aston Martin sports car LETV rich Internet content and applications combining social experience in operations, so that we can provide a better product experience for the user. "

  Meanwhile, LETV still stand brought many LETV intelligent terminals, including super cell phones, television sets, bicycles, etc., with a unique booth design to integrate into an organic whole, for the audience to show future traffic scenes of life and lifestyle .

  The first eco-car shine audience

  Conference, Ding showed few highlights LeSEE first concept car: autopilot, intelligent network, dynamic seats, intelligent battery charging, car sharing, and advanced design concepts.

  According to Ding introduced, the concept vehicle design inspiration comes from the gifts of nature: smooth flowing body lines derived from a variety of curves of nature, and through the re-creation of top designers, combined with sophisticated aerodynamics, so this concept car showing unparalleled perfect body; LeSEE concept car rear seat is unique, seats with adjustable lumbar support design. Multilayer "spacer" smart materials can be adjusted according to the passenger seat, fully adjusted to suit their seating position.

  Similar "catfish mouth" front face will "send gift" pedestrians, rear projection panel can also pedestrians in front of the location, before the information is projected, after the car in advance to inform the automatic anticipation, all the safest for the purpose.

  When the vehicle enters the autopilot, the steering wheel will be hidden under the front panel, to give the occupants maximum space and comfort; when you need to drive, it will spread like petals, blossoming. At the same time, occupants in the car to watch the entire contents of LETV by four screens, including live sports, movies, TV shows, concerts.

  Charging aspects, LeSEE of future models will use electromagnetic induction charging technology, is characterized by simple, convenient, because the vehicle ahead two A column can be inductive charging. During charging, WIFI hotspot vehicle can still work even if the vehicle is turned off.

  LETV "super car machine" starter edition Rapide S

  After CES, LETV car United team Aston? Martin Rapide S in many aspects design, security, entertainment applications, human-computer interaction, control and other features of a comprehensive upgrade, further open up the car longitudinal ecology.

  The auto show debut of the second-generation version of the United LETV car Rapide S, the most intuitive change is the car center console, rear entertainment display is also fully updated. In terms of content, the second generation version of the United LETV car Rapide S integrates a more powerful platform extension LETV cloud applications to meet the needs of more users. In addition, the control display also has a more extensive control capabilities, more powerful performance and stability.

  LETV super car LeSEE debut Beijing auto show changes were already on the road

  Aston? Martin CEO Andrew? Dr. Palmer (left) and LETV super car co-founder William Ding

  In terms of human interaction, the second generation version of the United LETV car Rapide S equipped with a more intelligent face recognition login user management system. The system can "brush face" way to identify the user, the transfer of user personalization settings. When the user moves the seating position changes, the system can automatically identify the user's location, personal settings, applications and content will also migrate.

  At the same time, the user can adjust the instrument panel by the control mode. Dashboard supports multiple UI styles, and integrated multimedia, real-time navigation, ADAS, 360-degree panoramic camera and many other features to enhance the user entertainment and driving experience.

乐视超级汽车LeSEE首秀北京车展 变革者已在路上

  Eco mode is more than a car benefit Beijing Auto Show (microblogging)

  Traditionally, auto car prices, parts manufacturers a "product party." But with the added significance LETV, the show has been far more than that.

  LETV ecology has become a unique symbol. For the first time to participate in international auto show LETV, but also with a unique booth design and "across the terminal, runs through ecology" product matrix and ecological values, bringing unprecedented show experience for a global audience. During the show, visitors can experience a variety of eco-products and services in LETV LETV booth, enjoy the convenience brought LETV ecology and pleasure. At the same time, including the Eco LETV LETV other sports, LETV Pictures, LETV cloud, also will collective appearance, by a plurality of special ecological, 800,000 viewers unprecedented show of rich experience. Meanwhile, in order to show the audience to bring more convenience and a better experience, LETV to show with nearly 300 LETV super TV as a public service facilities, and through independent LETV Super TV station in the form of rotation, so that the world 500 million users will be able to stay at home immersive experience show.

  LETV ecological onto the stage show, which is not only 26-year-old Beijing auto show the first time, it will show the history of the world, and the world automotive history unprecedented initiative. I believe LETV will rely on a strong ecological value to the industry to bring real change

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