Do not stay hidden teach you the recipe car after the rain "proof technique"

  Sometimes rain, sometimes the sun, moisture inadvertently have invaded every corner of your car, regardless of the impact of bacteria and thus have on your body, doors, lights, chassis, speakers, or brake line system, in fact, quiet silently eroded slowly, a little attention, it will leave a security risk.

  Articles hazards: moisture intrusion need to be cautious

  Easy to breed bacteria and odor interior environment mostly closed, easier for bacteria growth and reproduction in a wet environment, some car debris such as rags, biscuit boxes easy to mold. Unpleasant smell, pollution cars, thereby affecting the body.

  Hinges, bolts rust parked the car in the long-term open-air plaza, in addition to the door body welding and soldering portions easy to rust corrosion, the inside of the door hinges, bolts and other iron parts for being covered door trim, but also easy damp rust.

  Car chassis was more in contact with water, but also by road, the most susceptible to rust. In addition, the chassis of the vehicle throughout the year not seen sunlight, moisture and corrosion will penetrate the body from tiny holes in the chassis, so that the paint peeling.

  Brake system failure due to brake fluid and easy integration of water due to wet weather, the water vapor in the tank on the brake is easy to accumulate a large number into the brake fluid, if there is moisture into the brake fluid in the braking process, the friction the high temperature causes the water vapor.

  Easy water after the water headlight headlight brightness will be affected, but also a lot of water may damage the headlight, to change the irradiation direction lights will also happen to the traffic safety and security.

  Dehumidifiers and air conditioners air conditioning dehumidification work in the rain when it should be done, should open the cold air when it rains, it can not only remove the mist, as well as dehumidification function. Automotive air conditioning is not only able to adjust cabin temperature, but also effectively remove moisture inside the car.

  Desiccant dehumidification box stops raining or even have to pay attention, to get rid of as soon as possible the accumulation of moisture, or prone to mildew and other conditions. Do not have cars, it is best to buy a simple dehumidifier box, on the corners, so that after the car parts difficult to damp overnight.

  Natural ultraviolet sun, of course, is a good and free way to disinfect. Thus, when the weather cleared can find a place to tan in the sun, all the doors and trunk lid open, allowing moisture to escape the car, ventilation. The sun was hot car body will soon exclude accumulated moisture. In addition, floor mats, cushions and other cotton products easily absorb water, drying should be cleaned or replaced periodically.

  Qin open a window to open a small side window to open a window in favor of air circulation inside the vehicle, to ensure that the owners of the upper body has enough oxygen, while open side windows not only allow air circulation, often into some of the dust also like.

  Sealed plastic chassis, chassis for easy water and moisture problems can be sealed plastic chassis.

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