Japanese media: Mitsubishi Motors said the fuel efficiency test violations reached 25 years

  According to Japanese media reports, Japan's Mitsubishi Motors Corp. on the 26th news release, the transport ministry has reported on the survey content mini-car fuel efficiency data fraud problem, in about 25 years since 1991 has been to use a different violations of laws and regulations experimental methods in Measuring fuel consumption. To make from 2013 to begin production of four kinds of micro-car to achieve fuel efficiency targets, but also on data tampering.

  President phase Chuanzhe Lang said, "This is a big event related to the company's survival." Japanese post and Welfare requires all models of Mitsubishi vehicles have to verify the existence of false data.

  Before and after the 2000 recall of exposure, repeated violations of the company's long-term, exposing disregard compliance ownership, lose the trust of consumers seem inevitable.

  Mitsubishi Motors Corporation to identify the situation, we established a special commission of inquiry by the three lawyers constituted by former Tokyo High Public Prosecutors Office Attorney, attorney Keiichi Watanabe presidency.

  Cross-country was held in the province of Aikawa press conference, he said the company "does not self-purification ability to identify the cause and introduce measures to prevent recurrence is my biggest mission," suggesting that the current will not resign.

  Mitsubishi Motors is to tamper with data from June 2013 production of the eK Wagon and Nissan Motor Co. as the OEM DAYZ 4 models. Some examples reflect the company does not implement the necessary driving test, but the target fuel efficiency to match within society, calculate the required data, and then submitted to the central government.

  The also found a number of models in about 2 years since 2011 between, the target fuel efficiency from 26.4 km per liter of petrol with up to 29.6 km. Vice president of the Long Tail I noted that there could be "felt pressure for goals rather desperate" tampering with the data.

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