58 new car reviews cars combined network "58 car" brand officially released

  April 24, "the car linking the world, - Year of the future" as the theme of "58 car brand conference" was held in Beijing Crowne Plaza International Airport. 58 city CEO Yao Jinbo & Ganji, 58, senior vice president of the city & AFG division head what Minco, 58 car CEO Zhang Wenjuan, and China International Trade Promotion Committee auto club president Wang Xia, Secretary-General of China Automobile Dealers Association, Xiao Zheng Third, China Deputy Secretary-General automobile dealers Association, Luo Lei, chairman & CEO Wu Yingqiu globe automotive Group and other industry guests, media, car manufacturers and dealers to attend the conference brand event, witnessed "58 car" brand released.

  In early 2015, 58 city car service formally launched, with the end of the year, 58 city-owned acquisition strategy note "car reviews network", whereby 58 city car business for nearly a decade and accumulation of "car reviews Network" (xgo.com.cn) merger unified with the new brand "58 car" Foreign operations, and the domain name is switched to "58che.com". The opening of the new brand, new domain name, service consumers and car dealers are an important measure, laid the foundation for future high-speed development of the "58 car life" at the operational level, the Group is 58 fair use of resources to maximize the the development of the automotive business group, is another breakthrough strategic level.

  58 city & Go Network CEO Yao Jinbo said, "58 car" to enable, strengthen and improve the eco-car 58 city layout, play a key role in the construction of the front car service market; 58 city will combine the advantages of the full support of the platform. "58 car "business development, to build a complete closed-loop for the automotive ecosystem car dealers and consumers.

  He Minco, senior vice president with 58 city "58 car" big data system for the support, the effective combination of automotive Internet platform development and the financial system in-depth analysis. How to improve the financial system for the ecology, and explore new and used vehicle finance business model, how to meet the diverse needs of the automotive consumer market to make a detailed statement.

  Conference, "58 car" CEO GEOCRYOLOGY on the "58 car" business model from the content, channels, products, three aspects are explained in detail, focusing on the "58 car" core product - car-point, that is, "car-point" is "58 car" for the brand of car manufacturers and dealers to build an Internet automotive marketing products, combined with the country tens of thousands of businesses together to provide accurate information and local car services for hundreds of millions of consumer users.

  The future, "58 car" strategic layout of car life, committed to providing effective internet marketing solutions, system integration within all 58 car-related services and products, from the front of the car demands of life, service ideas into products. Seamless series from learn to drive, car rental, sparring, car, illegal queries, car wash, on behalf of driving, car installments, car replacement and other vehicles using the life cycle of each part of the service, to create a synergy of online and offline marketing model, to create a more scenes experience the products ecological chain, thereby forming a "car 58" unique characteristics of the closed-loop product system ecosystem.

  In addition, "58 car" will be the full integration of data within the system and the large 58 car-related, rely on rigorous database infrastructure and large data mining tools, regularly issued "car life 58 index" for car dealers and consumers professional and accurate data reporting to help consumers get "58 car" lifestyle information and services, from more accurate data level feedback to the consumer market characteristics, and thus understand the consumer; to the dealer providing effective business reference in order for the consumer to design customized products and services to make car life easier.

  With the launch of gorgeous open, "58 car" brand was officially opened. After the grand signing ceremony, 58 cars signed with Beijing Beichen Asian Games Village Automobile Exchange Market Center "Cooperation Framework Agreement", signed a "framework agreement" with China Automobile Dealers Association, the physical market Chamber of Commerce, 58 city used car signed with the China Automobile Dealers Association. " strategic cooperation agreement ", the conclusion of a strategic partnership

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