Automotive air conditioning smell how to do?

    Into the summer, the air conditioning is the peak season, but many friends began to worry about driving, turn on the air every time there is always a pungent odor blowing, people nauseous.We look at three common air cleaning methods to see which is more effective.

● Replace the air filter

    Air filter will block large debris and dust, but still some small dust into the pipeline and the evaporation tank, lead pipes and evaporation tank mildew, if time does not replace the air filter or clean, air conditioning can also cause odor. Removable air filter, replace more convenient, you can complete yourself.


    Replacing the air filter is relatively simple, just buy yourself a new air filter can be replaced, it took 10 minutes to about 20 minutes. However, according to models, materials and other reasons, the air filter is also a gap between the price from tens of dollars to 200 yuan range, such as an anti PM2.5 cartridge will more expensive than regular filters, we can according to their own models and needs to buy.

Cleaning air conditioning ducts, evaporator tank

● cleaning air conditioning ducts


    Currently cleaning air conditioning ducts method is to cleaner foam spray from the air inlet into the use of air conditioning air flow inside the foam into the pipeline, which will wash away the dust and dirt after the bubble into the pipeline, and then flow from the air outlet out to achieve the effect of cleaning. Prices foam cleaner is not expensive, probably about 30-80 yuan, coupled with labor costs a total of about 100-300 yuan, took about 30 minutes to about 45 minutes, before we introduced this clean air Methods

    This foam cleanser air conditioning ducts method for some models, there are some risks (for example: Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Peugeot and other brands). As part of the interior of vehicle air conditioning vent pipes are stitched together, the cleaning agent into the pipeline will be in liquid form, may be seeping from the cracks of the sponge, which flows into the center console, which fell on some electronic components on, causing electrical short circuit, so I do not recommend that you use this method to clean the air conditioning ducts.

●Cleaning air conditioning evaporator tank


    Since the air conditioning evaporator tank position between the center console and the engine compartment, so a few years ago if you want to clean the evaporation tank, must be removed before you can clean all of the console, before my colleagues have done to clean air conditioning evaporator box topics (click here). But in recent years the emergence of a new cleaning method for evaporation tank, simply open a cover in the center console below the co-pilot position, can be inserted into the gun evaporation tank cleaning.

    The advantage of this approach is that all demolition than in the control method of saving time, effort and more money, but after all, not all removed to clean, so some corners may not wash thoroughly. Relatively speaking, this approach to the evaporation tank cleaning cost is still relatively high.

● Why do dirty things into the evaporation tank inside?

    One might ask, in the center console inside the evaporation tank, how could so many dirty things into the evaporation tank inside it? The reason is that air conditioning inlet.

    Conditioned vehicle inlet generally lies near the wipers, the car by a blower to suck air. However, due to the size of the air inlet and the direction of design problems, it may make leaves and other dirt into the inside, so that the air entering the vehicle in a real need to go through the filter air-conditioning filter, so that you can filter most of the dirt. If you install the air filter is not in place or if damaged, dirt will enter the evaporator through the filter. Thus, over time these dirt and dust associated with condensed water droplets after the evaporation tank will cause mildew fungus produce odors appear. In addition, if not the quality of cabin air filters also allow filtering ineffective dust into the evaporator tank, this will lead to what we call "off-flavor."

● After the air conditioning must be open smell dismantling cleaning evaporator cases?

    Generally, as long as there is air conditioning if you can smell the clean air pipe to solve, because the smell is air-conditioning pipes, evaporation tank internal mold caused by air-conditioning professional cleaning purpose can be solved.

    If after cleaning the air-conditioning system that means you still have the smell inside the evaporation tank inside or air conditioning piping of dirt, this solution can only be dismantling cleaning air conditioning piping and the evaporation tank. Also, if your car for a long time (more than 5 years) can be broken at the evaporation tank, because of the evaporation tank interior may be some dust or dirt accumulating, for your health is still very necessary cleansing.

● Article Summary:

    Avoid air conditioning unpleasant smell most in need of attention is the use of the method, suggested that we put off the air conditioner if there is 1 km away from the destination on time in the open air, let the wind on the water due to evaporation tank hot and cold air produced by the condensation drying, this will greatly reduce the case to the evaporator surface or the interior wall of the evaporation tank to produce molds.

    Here we give you a suggestion, we recommend that you regularly replace the air filter according to the maintenance manual and to be at the turn of the season (for example, just the beginning of summer or winter just when) to keep a car for inspection to develop good habits, not only to maintain the evaporation tank well, if the filter is not much dirt, but also to maintain longer periods of time. Also, if you want to clean the air conditioning system can be cleaned each year in late April.

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