Why Mercedes and BMW in China can not go beyond the Audi?

    With sales data released in April, 2016 1-4 month cumulative sales of the luxury car market as a whole rose only BMW and Volvo incurred a small decline. Wherein Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, Cadillac compared to the same period in excess of 40% of the increase, the Siamese have a huge amount of Audi's 13.8 percent growth. 2016 is destined to be an annual harvest of many luxury car prices.

    Luxury car market, is still a strong leader ABB situation. Audi sold 47,440 in April, 1-4 month cumulative sales reached 185,256, basically stable at 50,000 per month and down. According to this trend continues, the Audi is not in China's 600,000 annual sales problems. Its 40 months of total sales, more than the sum of Mercedes and BMW. Despite saying the domestic luxury car market basically the top three ABB Ashkenazi world, but on the specific data, it is basically a Audi dominate.


    Audi in 1988 to KD assembled form to enter the Chinese market, it has been in 28 years. It has enough broad market base. And before the official vehicle of reform, has been designated the official government car. In the hearts of his official car from the 60-90 mark, the full impact of the 4 generations (10 years count generation), with a powerful and strong market base. Audi and a market in China has a lot of capital investment, whether it is marketing or product research and development, which is unmatched by other luxury brands.

    Although not as good as the quality and luxury brand Mercedes-Benz, but its price has inherent advantages. BMW driving control is better, but the quality is slightly higher than the BMW luxury, but the price is also at the cutting edge. It is this unbiased moderation, the achievements of the now mighty Audi.


    Although the global market Audi BMW can not go beyond, but most of the time BBA situation. But in China market, its preconceptions influence, it is Mercedes-Benz and BMW can not go beyond the inherent advantages. Even luxury car extended collective wave, is spearheaded by the Audi. Chinese people's car preferences, there will not be a better understanding of the Chinese market than the Audi.


    It is noteworthy that, with the new generation of the Mercedes-Benz product release, the current 1-4 month cumulative sales of more than BMW. 2015 Mercedes-Benz has a 32% full-year growth this year, the first four months of total sales compared with the same period is 41.44% growth. Although Mercedes-Benz overwhelming, but subject to the impact of capacity planning, even if it is impossible to shake the full horsepower Audi dominance.

    2016 Audi global shareholders meeting said it will launch 20 new vehicles to respond to market balance adjustment, and new energy vehicles and the autopilot will get released after three years. The next three strong melee, Audi will have a long enough time to adjust the layout of its products.

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