The new smart fortwo BRABUS edition convertible domestic debut

    The evening of May 28, the annual event in the smart, smart fowtwo BRABUS convertible version of the official debut, compared to the normal version of the model, the new car design not only improved, but also equipped with a larger horsepower engine.




    smart fowtwo before Convertible BRABUS version has been in the 2016 Beijing auto show, with the ordinary version of the different models, the new smart fowtwo BRABUS Cabriolet whole body with a matte blue body paint, while the front and rear bumper styling is more movement and use the dark a multi-spoke wheels.

    As a convertible version, which can be soft top car remote control open, fully open need only 12 seconds, in addition to the thickness of the area of the soft top compared to previous generation models have increased. To this end, the car body structure have also been adjusted, A column using higher strength steel, and increased chassis lever to enhance the torsional strength of the vehicle about 15%, B pillar width has been lengthened. In addition, the car's roof side rails can be removed.



    In the car, smart fowtwo convertible BRABUS version with black with blue, with air conditioning and multimedia kits, LED and sensor suite, heated seats and other configurations.

 Power systems, the new car will be powered by a turbocharged three-cylinder 0.9TCe high power engine, maximum output power of 111 horsepower, compared to the normal version of the 0.9T models increased by 21 horsepower.

● competitive models

smart smart fortwo 2015款 Cabrio

  After coming new smart fortwo cabriolet in the domestic market, with the price because there is no convertible on the market, so the car does not have direct competitors. The car's launch, more will attract a lot of the pursuit of individual young consumers, but taking into account the domestic some objective factors, choose Cabriolet always just a few.

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