FAW Mazda CX-4 Availability: June 21

    Sale price: 14.18-22.18 ten thousand yuan

    Features new car: "coupe" SUV; with 2.0L / 2.5L "Chong Chi blue sky" engine

    Mazda CX-4 in the 2016 Beijing Auto Show starting debut, the new car is positioned as a compact SUV, and follows the KOERU the concept car and the "soul motion" design concept in terms of appearance, the overall visual effect dynamic fashion. Body size, the Mazda CX-4 length and breadth were 4633/1840 / 1535mm, wheelbase 2700mm. Size concept car retains the basic specifications, the same wheelbase and CX-5, but have to reduce the height of 175mm.

一汽马自达 马自达CX-4 2016款 2.5L 自动四驱蓝天无畏版一汽马自达 马自达CX-4 2016款 2.5L 自动四驱蓝天无畏版

In the interior of the new car also continues the process of Mazda design style, and offers a variety of different trim depending on the configuration options, wherein the low-equipped models equipped with piano black center console trim, aluminum high compared with models brushed aluminum or wood ornamentation strips. Configuration, the car is equipped with Mazda MZD Connect Wyatt linked system with 7 inches large screen suspended, head-up display, electronic parking system.

一汽马自达 马自达CX-4 2016款 2.5L 自动四驱蓝天无畏版

一汽马自达 马自达CX-4 2016款 2.5L 自动四驱蓝天无畏版

    Power, FAW Mazda CX-4 will provide two "Chong Chi blue sky" engine in which the maximum output power of 155 horsepower 2.0L engine (114kW), maximum torque of 200N · m; 2.5L engine's maximum power of 196 horsepower (144kW), maximum torque of 252N · m, transmission aspects, 2.0L entry-level model is equipped with six-speed manual gearbox, the other models for the 6-speed manual gearbox.

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