Why is not afraid of small steel gun car waving?

    Nurburgring Nordschleife Germany and Belgium on the outskirts of the border, the world's largest car market. This devil track, also known as the touchstone of vehicle performance. In early 2015, the Civic Type R Nurburgring Nordschleife in 7 minutes and 50 seconds ran out of the lap, breaking the former North York drove the fastest lap record. Today, we want to explore is: Civic Type R like such a small steel gun, run so fast, not afraid of hair wafting problem?

What is a "small steel gun"?

Small steel gun deity, largely the familiar mortar, a gun belonging to the smallest species in the family of artillery. Small steel gun has fast rate of fire, power, light weight, small size, good mobility, simple structure, easy operation, low cost and so on.

    These characteristics may be inferred that the automotive world, "Little Cannon" should have some of the features: the strong power, high performance, good handling, small enough (less compact class or hatchback), enough personality. We talked about cars, "small steel gun", in general, is based on a hatchback family car, equipped with a high performance engine, based on the need to improve control of the suspension, while improving aerodynamics come. For example: like the Golf GTI and Golf R such "small steel gun", this is from the Golf model to enhance the performance came. Of course, how much horsepower, within a few seconds Pobai models can be regarded as "small steel gun", there is no official definition, but also a matter of opinion.

    Looking at the major mainstream car prices, the classic small steel gun mainly in European and Japanese models dominated, relatively few US Department. European "Little Cannon" on behalf of models, such as the Golf GTI, Golf R, Volkswagen Scirocco, BMW 1 line, AUDI A3, Mercedes-Benz A-class, MINI JCW like.

US Department of "Little Cannon" on behalf of models, undoubtedly Focus RS.

The Japanese "Little Cannon" on behalf of, such as the Honda Civic Type-R, Subaru Impreza 2.0 R Sport hatchback, the Mazda 3 MPS and the like.

    Why two cars waving?

    Speaking of "Floating", most people think should run some of the high-speed experience. When their car reached a certain high speed, they found the body and the steering wheel began to shake unprovoked; obviously did not hit the steering, the car was a cross wind was changing direction; or if you feel the wheels and the ground does not fit tightly, there is body sway and free feeling ...... short impression is: the car somewhat out of control, a little floating to heaven mean. So, what are the factors affecting the car "Floating"?

(1) the external environment

    The first cars with the road. With the road for the car to provide the necessary grip attachment capability, the greater the coefficient of friction of the road surface, the greater the ability to provide grip attached, such as asphalt, concrete pavement, gravel roads have different coefficients of friction, the tire can provide also different in grip, the car driving on it, "floating" experience will be different. Second wind conditions with the environment. Such as when overtaking because of the short distance between the two vehicles so that the airflow changes the size of the generated suction unstable, so that the impact occurred around the car shake. Or, from the moment when the car tunnel, high speed coming out of the valley, wind speed wind speed often reaches around ten times more, dramatic changes in flow direction likely to make the car unstable, with hair floating.

(2) the car itself

    a. Vehicle angle: From the perspective of the vehicle, if the vehicle's center of gravity is too high, or before and after the mass distribution is unreasonable, easy hair floating at high speed. For example, some rear engine car, prone to crosswind drift phenomenon, and its weight, the lighter the car, the greater the air by the impact of the lifting force at high speed, the high speed, the more prone float. Of course, the vehicle weight is not the main cause of hair floating (Formula One car weighs less than 600kg, at speeds in excess of 300km able to firmly grasp the ground, can be imagined.)

    b. body angle: If the body from the point of view to discuss the "Floating" this issue, it would have to talk about the appearance of the body design is aerodynamic. In general, the daily passenger traveling speed is low, mainly used to reduce aerodynamic drag with reduced fuel consumption; and in the racing field, the automotive sector or some of the pursuit of speed (such as small steel gun), aerodynamic design is governance "Gone with the Wind," the most important method.

Inhibition at high speed during the car waving, a very important thing to do is to increase the air flow to the body under pressure. Of course, if too much under pressure, will to some extent affect the linear vehicle speed play, and even increase fuel consumption, so the blind pursuit of stability, the only goal is not driving.

c chassis angle: tire performance: The reason that the vehicle can move forward, deceleration, steering, tires are due to contact with the ground, the power of the engine, the braking force of the brakes, tires and links to the force transmitted to the ground and reacts to the vehicle itself . Tire grip, direct impact on the extent of floating hair, while the tire wall thickness aspect ratio of the tire tread and other soft and hard materials, but also directly affect the grip.

    Suspension tuning: Vehicle Stability suspension design is the most important factor, mainly refers to the design of the steering geometry and tire runout control. Camber changes are generally within the outer wheel is not equal, and therefore would be more inclined to turn to oversteer or understeer, and if the change is too large camber grip may be severely degraded. Car steering characteristic mutation have a greater or understeer, oversteer, it will make people think "Gone with the Wind."

    Suspension stiffness: the four wheels of the car is connected to the frame by the same suspension, if the suspension is not sufficiently high rigidity, high speed, a slight deformation of the suspension will affect four wheel alignment parameters, changes in these parameters can cause targeting with unstable and "floating" feeling. Also, some suspension system for comfort and very soft tone, and therefore easier to beat, high speed and easier flighty, some bumps like a boat, or a great body roll when cornering, it will Gone allow motorists feel badly.

Why three small steel gun is not afraid to open up and waving?

    As already mentioned the factors that influence the car "Floating", then why would not afraid of small steel gun waving? External factors do not do too much analysis. By exploring "Little Cannon" version changes with the ordinary version of the car compared to the answer to this question is very clear. Here mainly to Japanese Civic TYPE R, the European Golf GTI, Focus RS and the United States Department of exploring objects.

    (1) In order to allow a greater force when the car at high speed can be firmly attached to the ground, on the one hand, the top of the body need to get as much air under pressure, on the other hand, the need to increase the flow rate of air under the chassis, although It may form a negative pressure. In order to achieve these two goals, the former "Little Cannon" have chosen to install the tail; for the latter, "small steel gun" who is to use the side skirts and a rear spoiler with the siege of the chassis air flow grooming implement, reducing lift and thus help improve the stability of the vehicle. And these, in the ordinary version of the model is invisible.

    For example, we have a radical design TYPE R, front bumper using exaggerated aerodynamic characteristics blessing, and fender edge features together as one. Below the front bumper has also joined the spoiler lip structure. In addition, other structures including the decoration region including fog was increased aerodynamic characteristics of the spoiler, and in order to improve the stability of the grip.

    "Little Cannon" secret body, mainly in the rear. TYPE R rear wing and rear diffuser shape sharp and complex, the rear side of the vehicle as well as a large area of the same aerodynamic package for decoration. Focus RS rear above the large rear wing is under pressure source, large chassis splitter, so airflow can be the smoothest way, from the front all the way through the body, until the rear offset lift vehicle is in motion to create balance full speed control experience. Golf GTI tail seem simple some spoiler to provide effective support for the accelerated, rigorous aerodynamic design principles, the drag is greatly reduced, more high speed to provide sufficient downforce to enhance driving stability.

(2) more stable bottom

    In general, subject to cost generic version of the car, the chassis design is difficult to achieve a color, it can only be considered sufficient. The small steel gun often under a lot of effort in terms of suspension tuning.

    Honda Civic Type R is equipped specifically for the development of adaptive four-wheel suspension system, front suspension is also upgraded to a more advanced dual-axis strut front suspension system. Thereby providing higher vehicle steering response limit. Rear suspension and steering system is through the movement of the upgrade, help speed driving stability.

    The Focus RS chassis spring constant, shock absorbers and stabilizer bar shroud through a sport-tuned, so that the suspension system is all the more tough. After adjustment of the electronic power steering system, with a more tough front suspension knuckle design and a shorter arm, the steering feel even more acute. After adjustment of the new all-wheel drive system can provide extra grip for the vehicle, which is common Focus models can not match.

    Compared to the normal version of the Golf, GTI chassis not only reduce the 8mm, and after re-tuned suspension front and rear shock absorber damping characteristics, rigidity and strength of the coil spring front stabilizer bar have been enhanced, which makes GTI has a better body rigidity when cornering with more toughness support force.

    Tires, "small steel gun" are not made to float, have adopted the grip performance is more excellent high-performance tires. For example, Focus RS uses a 19-inch alloy wheels, Michelin Pilot Super Sport Series high-performance tires.

    To sum up not hard to understand: small steel gun, though small, but with the above-mentioned "weapons" blessing, no doubt to a small steel gun who Sahuan while flying, always firmly affixed.

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