Sale 359 000 from Shanghai Volkswagen Phideon will be available in September

    June 4, 2016, in Shenzhen, Shanghai Volkswagen Auto Show officially announced the sale of Phideon started pre-sale price of 35.9 million and up. Will launch four models of new cars in advance, they were equipped with 2.0T or 3.0T engine. Phideon positioned above the Passat, it launched to fill SAIC Volkswagen brand in the large car market products blank.

Shanghai Volkswagen Auto PHIDEON PRICE
380TSI 两驱御尊版35.90
380TSI 两驱至尊版41.90
480TSI 四驱至尊版54.30
480TSI 四驱旗舰版67.00


    Phideon Audi A6 with the platform to build, is the MLB platform longitudinal engine. Its body length reaches 5074mm, wheelbase is 3009mm, and the Audi A6L very close. From the outside, Phideon temperament closer Phaeton, appeared calm atmosphere, grille, headlights, side lines and a tail English label layout and other details can see the difference between it and the Passat.

SAIC VW Phideon 380TSI 2016

    Appearance configuration, it comes standard with LED headlights, LED daytime running lights, LED front and rear fog lights, LED taillights, rear privacy glass insulation dark, power-folding exterior mirrors and automatic sensing wipers. On the high vehicle, you can see it is equipped with a panoramic sunroof, automatic anti-glare exterior mirrors, the whole car glass and acoustic double muting sensors open trunk lid and the like.

SAIC VW Phideon 380TSI 2016

    Inside, SAIC Volkswagen Phideon using popular family-style interior design, by adjusting some of the details of the new car to demonstrate a sense of quality, such as leather-wrapped steering wheel, wood trim patterns and a variety of metallic trim decoration. It will provide Titan black, crescent rice, Espresso brown and royal red four kinds of interior color depending on its configuration.

SAIC VW Phideon 380TSI 2016

    It is very rich interior equipment, 8 inches MIB multimedia system, 7-inch color dashboard, shift paddles, automatic parking, cruise control, advanced parking assist system and the Danish Dynaudio sound system configuration will appear in Fai on expensive models. Comfort and technology configuration, it is equipped with a three-zone air conditioning, rear seat electrically adjustable leg rest, electrically adjustable steering wheel, rear window sunshade, rear table board, rear car refrigerators.

SAIC VW Phideon 380TSI 2016

Phideon security configuration is very powerful, it is equipped with an ultrasonic interior monitoring alarms, active brake anti-multiple collisions, fatigue monitoring, infrared night vision imaging systems, lane keeping system, lane change assist system, three-point seat belt warning blasting and TPMS active tire pressure monitoring devices.

SAIC VW Phideon 380TSI 2016

    Power systems, SAIC Volkswagen Phideon after the listing will be equipped with 3.0T V6 supercharged engine and 2.0T third generation EA888 engine. Wherein, 3.0T V6 engine maximum power of 300 horsepower and peak torque of 440 Nm; 2.0T third generation EA888 engine maximum power of 220 horsepower and peak torque of 350 Nm. Transmission side, matching between engine and 7-speed dual wet-clutch gearbox. Chassis, the suspension with five-link rear + trapezoidal-link independent suspension. In addition, Phideon 2.0T models as a precursor, and 3.0T models will be equipped with four-wheel drive system.

    It is reported that Phideon after the listing of the standard Audi A6L, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class and BMW 5-series, etc., from the announcement of the sale price of view, it is relatively low threshold, and the entry-level configuration for a richer, believe that we can attract to some consumers. And after starting the pre-sale, Phideon will be officially listed in September, details please look at our follow-up report

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