Paris due to emissions limitations section of old cars

    Paris, France recently passed a bill that from July 1, 2016 ban December 31, 1996 and previously registered car into the city of Paris on weekdays from 8 am to 20 pm, but in the age of the vehicle 30 years and older classic cars can still pass freely.


    According to French media reports, Paris introduced this policy is mainly to deal with emissions, the policy since July 2016 started in the next five years will gradually increase the limit each year, 2020, Paris will be limited in 2010 and before the car can not be registered into the central area within day 24 hours. Owners in violation of relevant regulations will face a fine of 35 euros or 78 euros.

    It is worth mentioning that more than 30 years of age of the vehicle and classic cars will not be limited to this legislation, you want to achieve the standard classic cars is not easy to achieve. Reference to German law, need a car to reach 30 years of age of the vehicle, and to maintain or restore the original state, while increasing the necessary safety measures, but found to be able to be classified as a classic car and issued a special license by professional bodies.

奔驰(进口) 奔驰S级 1969款 600

    As more and more cities have more emissions requirements, restrictions on vehicle policy is gradually increasing, and this Bill of Paris by this old car intended to reduce pollution, especially so once the main push to phase out diesel vehicles market and encourage consumers to buy new cars to reduce emissions, but also good protection of the laws and regulations of the classic cars can be described in the environmental protection and car culture done to achieve a balance.

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