Renault Alaskan hard role debut the production version of the upcoming release

    Recently, Renault official said, the concept car's Alaskan production version will be officially unveiled at the press conference held in Colombia on June 30. Alaskan concept car last September first, the production version of the Nissan NP300 Navara pickup cash based on the same platform to build.

雷诺(进口) Alaskan 2015款 基本型

    Renault Alaskan production version will continue to use the name of the concept car, the first half of 2017 is expected to officially on sale in Europe and South American markets. The car with the cash production date NP300 Navara pickup and Mercedes-Benz's upcoming GLT pickup using the same platform to build. Appearance, the production car as much as possible to retain the concept car design, including the details of the same body size and shape.

    Power, the new car is powered by a 2.3T diesel engine, maximum power of 165 horsepower. Renault wants to Alaskan playing field a suitable business and leisure versatile models.

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