Mercedes soft top design -AMG GT Convertible spy

    Recently, foreign media exposure of a group of Mercedes -AMG GT convertible version of the spy photos, the car will launch a convertible version of the 911 and compete.


The road test AMG GT convertible version of the tail can be seen from its cash and hardtop Coupe version of the difference, the new car uses a folding soft-top convertible structure, and can be folded into the income ceiling in the rear.

Inside the new car is expected to continue hardtop Coupe version of the design, because of its convertible version of identity, it is expected to join the roof of the control buttons and neck warm air systems. Also it expects a rigid body will be further strengthened.

Power, the new car will be equipped with 4.0T engine, and AMG GT convertible version, AMG GT S Cabriolet and other vehicle models to meet the needs of more consumers. We expect this car in 2017 will be able to release.

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