The new Citroen C3 lovely shape slightly official figure leaked

    The new Citroen C3 scheduled for European local time June 29 debut, and now its official figure leaked in advance on the network, the overall shape of the new car slightly bit cute, and the application of unique Airbump Citroen virtually scratch proof technology.


The new Citroen C3 and C4 Cactus in appearance very similar to using a family split headlights, LED daytime running lights at the same time is also connected to the front air grille. In addition, the new car is also surrounded with a black suite and uses Airbump technology, special soft TPU material can withstand a slight rub.


In the body design, the current popular floating roof design also appears on the new Citroen C3, while the body color also make it look more stylish. In addition, the new LED taillights continued the pattern back to the Citroen family style, recognizable look strong. According to foreign media reports, new car length and breadth were 3990/1750 / 1470mm, wheelbase 2540mm.


Since the car has not yet officially released, we do not know its interior styling, but according to foreign media sources, the new car will be called ConnectedCam provide a HD video systems to replace car traffic recorder functions, while the new car will offer blind spot monitoring, lane shift and is compatible with Apple and Android Auto CarPlay entertainment information systems.

Power, the foreign media is expected the new car will be powered by three-cylinder petrol engine 1.2T and 1.6T diesel engine, and offers a variety of adjustment. However, due to the current official has not been officially released, so the specific information we will be updated in the new release, so stay tuned.

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