Speed of 100km / h Chery small ant November 20 listing

    Recently we learned from relevant channels, the third generation of small ants Chery electric car production version will be officially listed on November 20 this year. It is reported that the new car is powered by a 41 horsepower electric motor can output, top speed can reach 100km / h.

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car03 Chery ant

    From the previously announced declaration map and spy photos we can see a small ant Chery production version of the concept car based on the appearance of the larger changes, the use of two-tone body design, the overall shape is more personalized. New car for the two-door two-seater models, body size, length and breadth were 3200/1670 / 1550mm, wheelbase 2150mm.

    Power, powered by a small ant can output 41 horsepower electric motor, top speed can reach 100km / h. For more information about this electric car news, we will continue to focus.

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