Europe off the British, the God car status awarded to it

    Review of the world's leading market research agency supervisor JD Power, recently announced the UK car reliability study VDS (Vehicle Dependability Study), as VAG Group (Volkswagen Audi Group Volkswagen Audi Group) one of the Czech Skoda brand cars, following after last year or the election, the second consecutive year was named the UK's most reliable car brand, but its small SUV and a small hatchback wild Emperor Jing Rui even been nominated for the best new car level.

VAG Group accounted for 3 seats top class places in the top four Japanese automakers

    In parts of this study, the average number of problems per 100 vehicles paragraph (PP100) value of 113 (the smaller the value on behalf of the more reliable), and Skoda in all 24 competitions among depot, with an average value of only 66 scores win champion, Japanese automakers Suzuki won the runner-up in value 79, Korean automakers Kia won 80 first places value 3.

    Japanese automakers Suzuki performance of the most eye-catching, and achieved success in 79 PP100 index, allowing Suzuki to get a good vehicle reliability assessment monitoring the VDS first two.

    And the same with the Skoda and Volkswagen VAG Group SEAT performance is quite good. Another addition to Suzuki, the other like Toyota, Nissan, Mazda and other Japanese automakers are also under question score average. The Vauxhall, Ford and Fiat respectively become the British, American, meaning their only representative in the depot below the average value.

    House in North America won the 2016 J.D. Power "new car quality survey" survey champion Kia, the UK performance is quite good, PP100 index is only 80, to show the brand and excellent product reliability.

Parts of this study, the average number of problems per 100 vehicles section is 113 (the smaller the value on behalf of the more reliable).

While the more surprising that the German luxury automakers such as Mercedes - Benz, BMW and Audi are all the results obtained after class segment in the competitions. British SUV Land Rover brand to become the crane tail, belong to the British Jaguar own production and the same average number of problems Mini are higher than the average of 113.

Skoda cars while eligible small SUV and compact hatchback preferred nomination

The results came the most beautiful non Skoda brand is none other than, at all levels of the most recommended vehicle models, the wild Emperor Jing Rui, respectively, and grabbed the small SUV and compact hatchback recommended choice. Preferred will be won by the cars of Kia Picanto; small car of choice is not made in the domestic markets of the Toyota Auris won the throne.

Jing Rui wild Emperor and quite disappointing, scenery for Skoda won two best levels of reliability of the vehicle.

In addition to the depot for the appraisal value carried on, but also for the different levels of monitoring assessment models chosen the top three best cars.

Large luxury sedan in the Mercedes - E Class Mercedes-Benz became the first choice; domestic consumers relatively unfamiliar places the British depot Vauxhall Insignia get nominated preferred midsize sedan; and small MPV is owned by Ford B-Max wins I have preferred the throne.

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